25th Rapidplay (15 Mar); 24 Feb: although full with 73 (1 down), there is a reserve list

25th Rapidplay (15 Mar); 24 Feb: although full with 73 (1 down), there is a reserve list

24 Feb ’20: To celebrate 25 years this is a very special Rapidplay event! There is a record £1000 in cash prizes. Please click on “Congresses”, main menu bar and then “Rapidplay 2020”.  It is an open event.

Latest news is Tim McCullagh, grade 92, Poole has needed to withdraw. At the weekend reported that Steve Peirson, Purbeck, grade 174,  has most generously decided not to take part in  the competition in order to take on controlling duties and work with Martin Simons on the day.

We have to set a limit of a few over 70 entries to ensure good playing conditions. We will though, maintain a “reserve list” of players still interested in playing in case opportunities arise between now and 15 March. Regarding the “reserve list” please see a further mention at the end of this column.

Also, a reminder there is a £100 team prize for combined best scores. In the usual way, teams (4 players each) can be mixed, so do not have to be from any one club. Entries can be to Martin Simons in advance, or before play begins on the day. Please give your team a name.

Turner (GM) Matthew Barbican 251
Lovelock Declan Southbourne 229
Grieve Harry 4NCL Guildford 213
French Max Millfield 209
Thompson Ian Crowthorne 208
Garcia Oscar Poole 194
Hampton Paul Seaton 185
Jenks Bruce Highcliffe 184
Pleasants Allan Weymouth 184
Anderson Peter Ringwood 182
Westrap Christian Highcliffe 182
Harman Kenny Ringwood 181
Sawicki Grzegorz No club 180
Stubbs Oliver Downend & Fishponds 180
Littleton Mark Wimborne 175
Gregory Keith Fareham 173
Furjel Andrej Weymouth 171
Underwood Jonathan Seaton 170
Puchades Richard Cosham 169
Du Toit Reenen New Milton 161
Clancy Martin Ringwood 160
Deswarte Ian Guildford 155
Catchpole Jon Southbourne 155
Holmes David Chandlers Ford 153
Potter Mark Dorchester 152
Wilcock Peter Wimborne 151
Ursell Richard Highcliffe 148
Coburn Joseph Fareham 147
Halse Rob Highcliffe 143
Stuart Graham Chandlers Ford 143
Headlong Fenella 4 NCL Check Inn 142
Ursell Adam Highcliffe 142
Headlong Georgia 4NCL Check Inn 141
Bolton Stephen Bournemouth 140
Manning Peter New Milton 139
Moore Gillian Southampton 139
Willis Ivan No club 138
Agostinelli Dave Southampton 137
Jones Amanda Salisbury 137
Joyce Tim Wimborne 137
Jones Tim New Milton 136
Jackson Paul Bournemouth 135
Pollyn Stephen Highcliffe 133
Wilson Colin Wimborne 132
Davenport Rob Ringwood 128
Tyler Alan Wimborne 128
Doyle Jamie Poole 126
Manson Andrew Highcliffe 125
Bassinder John Wimborne 120
Errington Paul Bournemouth 120
Day Malcolm Ringwood 119
Pope Michael Salisbury 116
Jolly Barry New Milton 115
Murphy Samuel Chandlers Ford 115
Barnett James Salisbury 114
Holden George Purbeck 105
Kenward Chris Salisbury 103
Spooner Keith Purbeck 103
Deacon Matthew Fareham 100
Davis John Southampton 98
Cork Merlin Ringwood 95
Sturmey Darrell Ringwood 95
Baskett Andrew Ringwood 93
Huntley Kevin Salisbury 92
Roberts Christine Poole 88
de Grave Vaughan Ringwood 84
Deacon Nicholas Fareham 80
Tew Mike Highcliffe 77
Baskett Jack Ringwood 75
Hopkins Andre Salisbury 75
Barrett Mark Salisbury 72
Spirling Florence Purbeck 50
Ursell Dan Highcliffe 50


Grades have been adjusted to reflect any changes from the ECF Jan ’20 listing

Picture above is Bruce Jenks (Highcliffe) who has won outright or shared the Rapidplay Championship a record 8 times. Bruce has entered again this year.

Mark is a very regular entrant in the Dorset Rapidplay, including this one coming up. Martin is the Congress Organiser and Controller. He started the Rapidplay 25 years ago at Southbourne – and has been involved running it every year. In earlier years, he also set everything up, played, controlled, prepared lunch, make tea and washed up. But pleased to advise not this year, although he still provides the legendary hot lunches – which are said to compete with the chess as a reason to enter this event.


24 Feb If you still keen to enter and would like to be placed on a reserve list please let me know by email: [email protected] or alternatively complete a hard copy entry form under “Congresses” on the Main Menu and then “Rapidplay 2020”. And then email to me as an attachment or put in the post.

Many thanks. Mike Jay, Rapidplay Administrator