25th Rapidplay (15 Mar), 19 Jan: 49 entrants so far

25th Rapidplay (15 Mar), 19 Jan: 49 entrants so far

19 Jan ’20: To celebrate 25 years this is a very special Rapidplay event! There is a record £1000 in cash prizes. Please click on “Congresses”, main menu bar and then “Rapidplay 2020”.

If you are still thinking of entering, just a prompt that, like other congresses, we have to set a limit on entries to ensure good playing conditions and we are now over the halfway stage. So please do not leave it too late. It is an open event.

Also, a reminder there is a £100 team prize for combined best scores. In the usual way, teams (4 players each) can be mixed, so do not have to be from any one club. Entries can be to Martin Simons in advance, or before play begins on the day. Please give your team a name.

The most recent entrants are Graham Stuart, Chandlers Ford (146), and Ian Thompson. Crowthorne (205)

Picture above in the foreground is Kenny Harman, on the right, playing Bruce Jenks in the 2016 Rapidplay. Bruce has won, or shared the Rapidplay a record 8 times over 24 years. Kenny has won it outright once and shared once.

Grades will be adjusted to reflect any changes from the ECF Jan ’20 listing. Publication is apparently imminent (as at 18 Jan ’20).

Ian Thompson, Crowthorne (205)

Allan Pleasants, Weymouth (189)

Peter Anderson, Ringwood  (188)

Bruce Jenks, Highcliffe (187)

Kenny Harman, Ringwood (180)

Grzegorz Sawicki, No club (177)

Keith Gregory, Fareham (175)

Steve Peirson, Purbeck (172)

Mark Littleton, Wimborne (168)

Martin Clancy, Ringwood (163)

Reenen Du Toit, New Milton (162)

Ian Deswarte, Guildford (160)

Mark Potter, Dorchester (156)

Richard Ursell, Highcliffe (151)

Peter Wilcock, Wimborne (151)

Steve Pollyn, Wimborne (148)

Graham Stuart, Chandlers Ford (146)

Gillian Moore, Southampton (144)

Rob Halse, Highcliffe (140)

Ivan Willis, No club (138)

Dave Agostinelli, Southampton (137)

Colin Wilson, Wimborne (137)

Amanda Jones, Salisbury (133)

Adam Ursell, Highcliffe (133)

Paul Jackson, Bournemouth (132)

Tim Joyce, Wimborne (131)

Peter Manning, New Milton (131)

Rob Davenport, Ringwood (127)

Malcolm Day, Ringwood (118)

Paul Errington, Bournemouth (117)

Barry Jolly, New Milton (115)

James Barnett, Salisbury (112)

Michael Pope, Salisbury (112)

John Davis, Southampton (111L)

Tim Jones, New Milton (107)

Chris Kenward, Salisbury (101)

Mike Davidson, Wimborne (100)

Matthew Deacon (J), Fareham (100)

Merlin Cork (J), Ringwood (95L)

Darrell Sturmey, Ringwood (95)

Kevin Huntley, Salisbury (92)

Nicholas Deacon (J), Fareham (80)

Jack Baskett (J), Ringwood (75L)

Mark Barrett, Salisbury (71)

Vaughan de Grave, Ringwood (70L)

Andy Baskett, Ringwood (65L)

Andre Hopkins, Salisbury (56)

Florence Spirling (J), Purbeck (50L).

Dan Ursell, Highcliffe (50L)