2022 Team Handicap KO Cup – 1st Round Results and 2nd Round Draw

2022 Team Handicap KO Cup – 1st Round Results and 2nd Round Draw

The B&DCL Team  Handicap Knockout Cup is scheduled to run from the Spring 2022 to the Autumn 2022 before our leagues start next season. This worked well for the start of this season when the delayed 2019/20 Cup competition was completed with a semi-final in September and the final in October 2021. Indeed, it became a welcome curtain raiser!

Players fully concentrating at the Bournemouth v Highcliffe Castles Cup Match where Bournemouth won 4½ – 1½.

1st Round Results

All 6 home teams progressed through to the 2nd round, although Southbourne won by losing their match but achieving the required score – this reflects the benefit of the handicap system which is a great leveller!

The other 5 matches were won by the same scoreline!

2nd Round Draw

The draw for the 2nd round has been made to avoid teams that have played each other in the previous 2019 /20 season and, in Highcliffe’s case (as it entered 3 teams this season), to avoid teams played in the 1st round in this year’s competition.

With all home teams winning in the 1st round (in the previous season of the cup competition all the away teams won convincingly in the 1st round!), it means 3 teams have home advantage again!  The pairings are:

  • Weymouth (1½) v Wimborne (1)
  • Bournemouth (1½) v Southbourne (0)
  • Highcliffe Knights (½) v Poole (½)

The score in brackets is by how much the team beat their required handicap score in the 1st round. This could be important as the best performing team to make it through to the semi-final (i.e. with the highest cumulative ‘better’ score from the first 2 rounds) will have an automatic bye straight though to the final. The other 2 teams will play each other in the semi-final.

Timescales and Practicalities

  • Matches should be completed by Friday, 15th July 2022 which gives 7 weeks to arrange and play the matches.
  • The 1st named team has the choice of venue.
  • The Rules, including the rating handicap system, can be found here and via the main menu under B&DC League.
  • A blank Match Scoresheet can be found here which should be printed out and used in matches.
  • As stated in the rules, we will be using the latest live monthly ratings which will include games played up to the end of the previous month. So, as an example, if a cup match was played in June, it is the June 2022 rating that will count (and games played in June 2022 will not count).

Please remember to have a calculator ready at your matches to calculate both teams’ average ratings and the difference in average ratings to work out the required score!

The remaining team captains are as follows (contact details are on LMS):

  • Highcliffe Knights – Andrew Manson
  • Wimborne – Peter Wilcock
  • Southbourne – Nikki Forster
  • Bournemouth – Paul Errington
  • Weymouth – Allan Pleasants
  • Poole – Ciprian Stanciu

Good luck to all teams!

Martin Simons – Tournament Controller – 25th May 2022