4NCL 17 March: Wessex lose on Sunday to Warwicks Select 1, but again contest well in tough division

4NCL 17 March: Wessex lose on Sunday to Warwicks Select 1, but again contest well in tough division

Wessex A lost 2.5-5.5 to Warwickshire Select 1 this morning (Sunday). As Allan Pleasants has previously reported, in Div 2 especially, all matches are just very tough!  All credit to Wessex A to be competing at this level in the first place.

Many thanks to Allan for posting this report on the match which took place Saturday (16 Mar ’19) v Barbican 4NCL2.

“A tough match which the heavy defeat doesn’t tell the whole story. Many of the games were close, but we went down. I should have won my game, but missed easily best line then in time pressure bailed out. That would have made it a touch more respectable. We needed to rely on both Gonzaga and Sussex Martlets doing us a favour, but that too only partially went our way. So we only carry forward 2 points into the division 2 relegation pool. Tough game against Warwickshire Select on Sunday in round 8”.

The result was:

Wessex 4NCL result_170319


Inter-county matches are still important events in the chess calendar. But at its peak in the early to mid-1960’s, the bigger “Home” counties, such as Middlesex, Surrey, Essex & Kent played each other in 80 board matches in the huge dining room of John Lewis in London. There were some extremely talented young players on the highest boards in these teams, including Basman, Keene, Lee, and now locally based Kenny Harman. Peter Lee has the distinction of being the only person who has won the British Championships in both chess and bridge. Important to also mention the highly rated Andrew Whitely – Andrew won several major competitions and represented England in the Olympiads. He was a member of Kings Head – a London chess club well known for being very social with generous beer drinking, but some very good serious chess. Sadly, Andrew passed away in 2014 aged 67.

Today, of course, the focus has shifted to different events, especially the regular 4NCL weekends. These are like the old County matches, except for the size of teams and do attract the best players in the country and beyond. Teams come from all over the United Kingdom and typically play 2 matches each time and stay the Saturday night.

Wessex are currently well represented with a team in 2b and 2 new teams in 4s.

There is a great deal of information on the excellent 4NCL website: http//4ncl.co.uk

The Wessex B & C teams are in action weekend 13-14 April.

Results from all matches can be followed live through the 4NCL website.

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