4NCL Online Round 2 – Wessex Results and Game

4NCL Wessex Chess

Another night of mixed results for the Wessex teams.

First the really good news: the A team won!   For once they were not outrated on every board, just the top two.  Gavin Lock had the better side of a draw on board one whilst David Pye on board two survived a lost queen ending to claim his half point.   On board four Matt Chapman tried hard to squeeze a win out of a rook ending but his opponent hung on.  It was left to Jamie Wilson on board 3 to get the win, which he did very nicely.  His game is at the end of this report.

The B team had a rating advantage on every board and also won.   Rolandas Lokosius’s win on board one looked very smooth.

The C team looked like it was on course for a victory but in the end drew.  All four players had winning positions at some stage.   Mike Krawczuk won nicely, Dominic Tunks drew having been tricked in the endgame; Bill Adaway, having had a winning position for a long time, reached an unclear position and then put a rook en prise; whilst Martin Clancy played a nice combination only to miss a mate in 3 and let his opponent escape with a draw.

The D and E teams were outrated and most boards and went down according to the form book.

The F team did well to draw their match with the star performer being Jamie Doyle who beat someone the best part of 400 rating points higher than him.

Finally, on paper the G team had a good chance to do well but went down with three losses and only a default as a victory.

Peter Anderson 10/2/21

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