4NCL Online Round 4 – Wessex Results, Tables and Game

Dorset Chess: Wessex 4NCL


Having had a good Round 3 two weeks ago the Wessex teams had a pretty terrible Round 4 last night.

Starting with the good news, the A team won again and in style, 3.5 – 0.5.  Antonio Matinez-Sykora’s win on board 4 is given at the end of this report.

The OK news is that the F team drew its match, which was a reasonable result.

The bad news is that the remaining six teams, including the newly formed H team, all lost.  In the majority of cases Wessex started favourites in the matches, with only the D team being clearly outrated.  It was just one of those nights.   The B team, which had been on 100%, won a game and drew two but still lost because of a default which carries a half point penalty.  The C team  came very close to turning the match around but their opponents put up a tenacious defence in the last game to finish, to hold a draw and win the match.  And in the G team, Christopher Peacock outplayed his opponent and was winning easily when he suffered what I can only imagine was a mouse slip to allow mate in 1.

Enough said… let’s look forward to Round 5!

Peter Anderson 10/3/21



Just a quick reminder of the format.  Each of Divisions 1 – 6 consist of four groups of 8 teams with a 7 round all play all format.   Two teams get promoted and two teams relegated from each group.  Division 7 consists on one huge Swiss pool, again played over 7 rounds.

With four rounds played we are just over half way though season 7.

In summary

  • the A team (Div 1) is mid-table and stands an excellent chance of staying in Division 1
  • the B team (Div 2) still stands a good chance of being promoted to Division 1 despite last night’s setback.
  • the C team (Div 3) is mid-table and can fight for promotion
  • the D team (Div 4) is just out of the relegation zone and may need some more points to avoid relagation
  • the E team (Div 6) is in the drop zone
  • the F team is near the top of Div 7 and fighting for promotion, whilst the G team is near the bottom.

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 6

Division 7

Please see the table on the 4NCL site.


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