4NCL Online season 4 round 4 – Wessex Results, Standings and Games

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It was not the greatest night for Wessex yesterday, with just two match wins and six losses.  With 4 of the 7 rounds complete, we look at the results and the standings team by team.

Results and Standings

The A team looked to have good chances on paper but narrowly lost their match. Their one winner was Rolandas Lukosius whose game I give at the end of the report.  Despite their loss, they are second in their Division 1 group.

The B team lost its fourth match in a row and are off the bottom of their Division one group only by games points. Roger Marsh was their only winner and he had a very pretty and study-like finish to his game which is at the end of the report. Realistically they will probably need to win two of their remaining three matches to avoid relegation.  They are due to face the bottom placed team but also the second and third placed teams so have quite a challenge ahead.

In Division 2, the C team started favourite in their match and duly won.  They are mid-table but still in with a chance of promotion, especially as they have already played the teams above them.

In Division 3, the D Team won two of its games but lost the match because of a default due to technical problems, spoiling their 100% record.  They remain third in their group and have everything to fight for. They have yet to play the two teams above, so these will be double-pointers in the race for promotion.

In Division 5, where the four Wessex teams are in one big Swiss pool, only the G team won.  It was a great result for them as they were out-rated on all four boards.  The E team only narrowly lost, with Phil Pinto fighting on to the bitter end in rook ending and being the last of anyone to finish on the night- nice to see some fighting spirit! The H team and especially the F team had harder times in their matches, going down 1-3 and 0-4 respectively.

The table is too big to show on this page but you can see it on the 4NCL website. In brief, in the group of 55 active teams:

  • the E team is 14th
  • the F team is 20th
  • the G team is 13th
  • the H team is 47th.


Peter Anderson, 6/10/21

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