4NCL OTB Weekend 2 – Poole and Wessex Results

4ncl competition

After a delay due to the Omicron surge, the second weekend of the 4NCL OTB 2021-22 season happened this weekend.

The detailed results are below but in summary the match results were:

  • Poole won one and lost one
  • Wessex A drew one and lost one
  • Wessex B won one and lost one
  • Wessex C lost both its matches.

After 4 rounds this leaves Wessex A on 5/8, Poole and Wessex B on 4/8 and Wessex C on 2/8.

More detailed and entertaining reports are available: the report for Poole on their club website and  the report for the Wessex teams.

Round 3 Results

Round 4 Results

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4NCL OTB Weekend 2 – Wessex Report
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