4NCL 2022-23 Over The Board Final Rounds – Wessex and Poole Results

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Wessex and Poole were in action again in the final weekend of the 4NCL 2022-23 OTB season.  As is traditional with the final round, it was held over the bank holiday weekend and three rounds were played.

Congratulations to Poole and Wessex A who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.


Wessex A had an excellent weekend, winning all 3 of its matches, including its final round head to head against Poole.

Wessex B somewhat bizarrely played 4 matches for the 3 rounds: a triangular match on the Friday, two regular matches on Saturday, and one regular match on Sunday.  It appears that the triangular match was discarded as it does not appear in the results table, so Wessex B effectively scored two match wins and a draw for the weekend.  This was quite an achievement as they were a player short all weekend!

Annie Adaway, the Wessex captain has sent the following summary of the season.

The 2022/23 4NCL OTB season has finally ended!

We struggled to field two teams and sadly the A team had to default two matches and the B team defaulted 4 matches.

Despite this the A team performed magnificently, came 3rd and beat the previously unbeaten Poole Patzers in the final round!  Particularly notable were Allan who played in all 11 rounds, scoring 6½/11 and Tim who scored 100% with 5/5.

Other impressively high A team performances were Jamie with 5½/7 (79%). Ollie with 4½/6 (75%) and Keith with 5/7 (71%).

Despite the match defaults and only fielding a full team for 2 of the 7 matches played the B team performed well and still managed to come 26th out of 35.

Particularly notable were the Deacons who played in all 7 matches only losing 1 game from 21 played! Well done Mathew with 6/7 (86%), Nicholas 5½/7 (74%) and Dave 5/7 (71%).  

Many thanks to everyone who supported Wessex Some Stars this season.


Poole won its first two matches of the weekend but, as noted above, narrowly lost to Wessex A in the final round.  Nonetheless they finished a clear second in the division.


You can see the top of the Division 4 table below and the full table here.

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