15 July: Mike Waddington plays outstanding chess to finish 3rd in very strong weekend Weald Chess Congress and 4/5; 219 overall performance

Mike Waddington Winner Hampshire Chess Open 2017
Mike came to this tournament from finishing the day before at an international week long congress at Bridgend - 9 rounds. And at the Weald he had 3 rounds on the Saturday. Phew!



15 July: Many congratulations to Mike who excelled in this competition over the weekend. In fact, Mike himself comments that he should not have lost the one game after making a “pretty awful blunder”! He is apparently considering sending some games in from his recent congresses, including this one.

Martin Simons adds that to give some idea of how strong this tournament was, there were 10 players graded over 200 and also Mike beat a 210 opponent in the last round and achieved an overall 219 performance.

So very well done to Mike!

This is the link to the Weald Congress: https://wealdchesscongress.org.uk/