7 teams contest the 13th Dorchester Jamboree; excellent event - Poole win

Dorchester Chess Club Jamboree
Yeovil won the first Dorchester Chess Club Jamboree in 2007. Other clubs to win since then have been Dorchester, Wimborne, Weymouth, Bridport and Purbeck. Yeovil won again in 2012.




Dorchester Jamboree

12 Sept: It was another really good evening of competitive chess played in a friendly and sociable atmosphere at the Colliton Club. Along with the 2 Towns match in Poole, this event has come to traditionally mark the start of the season. Many thanks to the hosts and organisers Dorchester Chess Club and especially Julian Cherryson, Mark Potter and Geoff Searing. It was very well organised as always, especially in the way it matches players of similar grades.

Poole retained their title and congratulations to them. Detailed result is on the Dorchester website:


Final scores
Poole 4/6
Dorchester & Ringwood 3.5/6
Purbeck & Wimborne 3/6
Weymouth 2.5/6
Yeovil 1.5/6