Bacchus 1st season successfully draws to a close with Poole Knights playing Bournemouth (16 May); Tarik reflects on the Bacchus positives

Dorset Bacchus Chess League
It is proposed to run Bacchus again next season subject to B&DCL AGM approval. A particular goal will be to encourage a small Bacchus division in the west of Dorset. No entry fee for teams is planned to try and encourage interest and engagement

The 5 teams played 8 matches each in this inaugural season. The results have been entered on ECF LMS and therefore are included for grading. Each team won at least one match, but more importantly Bacchus gave many players the chance to play league chess, with clocks and scoresheets, for the first time. This was especially so for young players – for example, the Poole Knights and Poole Bishops teams were almost entirely comprised of juniors. The Highcliffe team finished the season at the top of the table but, in keeping with the league aims, there has not been a trophy to award as the agreed emphasis has been essentially on taking part and getting experience. So very well done to all the teams.

Tarik has put this excellent report on the Poole website about Bacchus and how he feels it has brought many benefits: