B&D 2019/20 League set-up and fixtures; 5 divisions and 10 matches for each team

Bournemouth & District Chess League
Southbourne had earlier advised that, though very keen to support the B&DCL, they no longer had sufficient higher graded players to continue with 2 teams in B&D 1. So they have decided to have 1 team in each division in season 2019/20.


16th September 2019


29th May 2020

18 Aug: The allocation of teams to divisions will now look this. Many thanks to all club secretaries and chairman for their considerable work in making this possible. Unlike last season, every team will have 10 matches – widely agreed as a priority. Generally speaking, clubs are finding they can support more teams if they avoid having 2 teams in the same division. The 10 “Reserve Places” rule introduced 2 seasons back seems to be helping in this respect.

The Purbeck team in B&D 4 is effectively “Purbeck C”, as their “A” and “B” teams are in County Leagues 2 & 3.

B&D 1 (6)

Southbourne A

Wimborne A

Poole A

Poole B

Ringwood A

Highcliffe A


B&D 2 (6)

New Milton A

Southbourne B

Highcliffe B

Wimborne B

Wimborne C

Bournemouth A


B&D 3 (6)

Ringwood B

Poole C

Highcliffe C

Wimborne D

New Milton B

Southbourne C

B&D 4 (6)

Bournemouth B

Southbourne D

Wimborne E


Poole D

Highcliffe D

B&D 5 (6)

Southbourne E

Highcliffe E

New Milton C

Wimborne F

Poole E

Bournemouth C


Bacchus (East) (5)



Poole Bishops

Poole Knights


Bacchus (West)

Hoping for start 2019/20 in some form


Bacchus will start in October and the fixtures planning will take place in Sept ’19

This is the latest file of proposed fixtures and it is still a consultation document: Copy of BDCL_County_FixturesDraft_v5_1920_170819

The County fixtures are now added – the fixtures file above is now quite wide so you may need to scroll across to the right to see it all.

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