ECF new grades out, but gremlin in the system has duplicated some B&DCL results; update @ 24 July

ECF Matters - Dorset Chess
Grades of players who have not played in the B&DCL Sept-Dec '18 are not affected. E.g. anyone playing in the County League only.



24 July: Phil has today updated his message below. He explains the grades affected should be corrected by the start of the season. And adds those players who played several games in the B&DCL Sept-Dec ’18, and had a performance about the same as their grade, will probably see no difference when the grades are corrected. It’s the players who had an outstanding good or bad performance in that period who will see a change.

Some random checks, including by Phil, suggest the affected grades are unlikely to move by more than 5 points, and most that move will be by just 1 or 2 points.

23 July: As you are probably aware, the new grades have appeared effectively a week early. But County Grader Phil Wallace reports that unfortunately the system has included B&DCL results, in the period Sept-Dec ’18, twice – and a little confusingly has introduced the “Bournemouth League” in addition to “Bournemouth & District”.

Phil is on the case, explaining “….the new grades may not be wholly accurate” and he is working with the ECF to resolve the problem. Apologies for any confusion caused and Phil will provide more news as soon as steps have been taken to correct any grades that are inaccurate.