ECF push on with monthly grading plans and ELO 4 digit grades; some "L" graded players may have new "A-E" grade from Jan '20

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8 Jan ’20: The ECF will be issuing a new grading list later this month (Jan), but in the usual way, our Dorset Leagues will continue to use the grades published Aug ’19. However, a few players with a current “L”, that is Local grade, may have a new “A to E” grade from this month.

New “F” grades are more problematic and, because they are based on only a few games, can be unreliable. So a discussion takes place with the clubs involved to determine what grade is best and fairest for the rest of the season.

Looking ahead in 2020 and beyond

This comment has been made in the Jan ’20 ECF Newsletter: “The ECF is progressing the monthly grading project with the aim of having a core system in place by March/ April 2020 and the full system ready for operation by July/ August, to support production of monthly lists from September 2020 onwards”.

 And the planned changes would also include moving to ELO 4 digit grades.

From a Dorset perspective, monthly grading may be the most useful for congress organisers and entrants. But would not be practical for immediate use in our Dorset Leagues which typically use 1 grade for the whole season.