Guildford unbeaten in 4NCL since 2012 with 81 wins and 2 draws!

4ncl Chess Tournaments
Leonard Barden also commented that Michael Adams is the world's 2nd oldest player graded 2700 - and at only 48!





21 Feb: Leonard Barden reports on the 4NCL website that in securing 7 consecutive 4NCL titles, Guildford have been unbeaten throughout this period. And they look highly likely to win an 8th title running this season. Recently they beat Cambridge University 8-0, not untypical to win by huge margins and to also significantly out grade opponents.

Slightly further down the competition, Wessex A are very well placed in 3 South pool A in 2nd and 9 points. Wessex B are also doing well and are =3rd with 6 points in 3 South pool B.

In Div 4 South, Wessex C are 17th out of 34 with 6 points and in the same division Wessex D have 4 points and are 27th.

Well done to all these teams for competing well in a very strong national competition.