Petr Kiriakov (Russia) v L R Srihari (India) - how the game finished in 21 moves

Chess problem Kiriakov-Srihari
Game taken from where players can sign up and, when registered, can post games. Petr Kiriakov is a Russian Grandmaster. He has his own website and describes himself as a "highly regarded chess tutor and coach" and also claims to speak fluent English. L R Srihari is an Indian FIDE Master, just 14 years old. He was rated as the 85th best U14 junior in the world.




Chess Problem

The game was played in round 1 of the Abu Dhabi Masters, 2019. Widely acclaimed as a great finish by white.

  1. Qxf7+ Bxf7  2. Bxf7+ Kh8  3. Ng6+ hxg6  4. Rh4# 1-0