Player Allocation file uploaded weekly to help Captains manage the 10 Reserve Places rule - latest 13 Mar, but during the current crisis has been frozen

Bournemouth & District Chess League
Reserve Places do not apply if a club only has 1 team in the B&DCL. Nor does it include Bacchus League matches.

13 Mar: Just a reminder this file was being updated every week by the Saturday latest. It can be found on the “Captain’s Page”, under B&DCL League and Season 2019/20. Only applies to B&DCL, as the County League has different rules.

The purpose has been to help Captains manage the 10 Reserve Places rule, whereby any higher team in a club can only reach a maximum of 10 Reserve Places with players from lower teams. If players are reallocated to a higher team, then all the games played for that team are “credited” back. But, of course, she or he cannot then play again in the lower team for the rest of this season.

Footnote 4 April ’20: Of course, with the virus escalation and no Dorset Chess taking place, the Player Allocation is not getting updated. But if the 2020/21 season was resumed, then the file will be continued and updated each week.