Southbourne and Ringwood meet in inaugural Bournemouth East Bacchus match

Dorset Bacchus Chess League
Plans for next season will need to be discussed. But it is possible there will be sufficient teams to consider a Bacchus Bournemouth East and a Bacchus Bournemouth West. This might help reduce travel and also cap the number of matches - to a level acceptable to the clubs involved.



12 Jan.: The 2 latest teams to join Bacchus met recently in a 5 board match which was very close, friendly, but also well contested. Both teams were able to give inter-club match experience, with scoresheets and clocks, to members who do not normally get the opportunity. 4 of the Ringwood team were juniors. Although typically teams are 4 players, they can be any number, subject to agreement between the captains. The spirit of Bacchus is to try and ensure teams are matched on estimated playing strength, as far as possible, so not unusual for captains to liaise in advance to try and achieve this. No trophies are awarded at the end of the season, only because it has been felt this runs a little contrary to the main aim to get experience and enjoy taking part. But games are sent for grading. 3 Bacchus games can be played in a season without a fee from the ECF.

Meanwhile the other division, Bacchus East is progressing well. Particular thanks to Poole and Eric Sachs for entering a 3rd Poole team, Poole Rooks – so as to ensure 8 matches this season.