B&D KO Handicap Cup: Round 2 features Weymouth v Purbeck; Poole v Highcliffe – LMS for more

B&D KO Handicap Cup: Round 2 features Weymouth v Purbeck; Poole v Highcliffe – LMS for more

8 Mar: B&DCL Handicap KO Cup Organiser Martin Simons sent out this message to the clubs last evening:-

Dear all

There were some very exciting yet tense 1st round matches so well done to all players & captains for being so sporting and also well played Poole (reigning champions), Weymouth, Highcliffe and Purbeck for winning their matches.

The LMS link to all the match results including the dates when the matches were played can be found here:


The match results with the LMS link covering individual results and the excellent commentaries are also given below:

Highcliffe   4½ – 1½  Southbourne    (required score 3 – 3)          http://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/37484

Purbeck        3 – 3     Dorchester        (required score 2½ – 3½)    http://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/37485

Wimborne    2 – 4     Weymouth       (required score 2½ – 3½)    http://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/37479

Ringwood  1½ – 4½   Poole                 (required score 2 – 4)          http://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/37483

And the winner for the most comprehensive commentary and post-match analysis goes to … David Fuller (Poole)!  Well done, David but also thank you to all captains for bringing their matches to life.

Semi – Final Draw (teams who were paired away in the previous round are now playing at home)

Weymouth v Purbeck

Poole v Highcliffe

The 1st named team has the choice of venue.

Team Captains:

Purbeck – Steve Peirson

Weymouth – Allan Pleasants

Poole – Ciprian Stanciu (please cc: Eric Sachs)

Highcliffe – Ron Salinger (please cc: Richard Ursell)

Please can you ensure all matches are played by Friday, 19th April 2019.  This gives you just over 6 weeks to play the match.  Please remember that you can use a different average team grade for the semi-final without penalty so this will mean there is no pressure to play the same 6 players.

Could all home captains please contact the away captain within 7 days to agree a date.  Please contact me if you are having any problems or if you have any questions.

I attach a match scoresheet and the Team Handicap Knockout Cup rules.

Finally good luck!

Best wishes