B&DCL Info 2017/18

26 May ’18

The season is nearing its end and all the Divisions have been highly competitive and congratulation to the clubs involved.

If you attended the AGM in June at Southbourne, or have seen the subsequent notes, you will know several rule changes were agreed. One of the most important has been to introduce a “Reserve Places” model, which should give teams more flexibility with reserve players and the previous 5 game maximum has been abolished. The details of all the rule changes are under “B&DCL League” and then Bournemouth & District Rules”.   

Please note Wimborne now meet on a Wednesday and at the Merley Community Centre, Merley, Wimborne

When playing away at New Milton their venue is the Conservative Club and certain rules to be followed, including shorts are not allowed. Please check the important information in the link provided below under “New Milton”

Just a reminder if you are playing away at Kinson to one of the Bournemouth teams on a Tuesday, their matches have to begin at 7.15pm when the clocks are started. The reason is due to when the club has to vacate their premises.

If you are playing away to New Milton please note the Conservative Club operates a “dress code” and there is also helpful advice on car parking, consumption of food & drink and signing in. Please scroll down to the New Milton entry below.

From 5 Oct ’17 an “L” against a player’s name in the results indicated “Local” grade, what has previously been “E” for “Estimated”. The change has been made to bring us in line with the new ECF League Management System (LMS). As Dorset, we are trialling Phase 1 of this results recording software and Phil Wallace has now provided a link to the ECF LMS (pl see website home page). When the new grades come out from 1 Jan ’18 any “L” grade will be replaced with an A-E grade if it is available. Otherwise grades stay unchanged in the usual way until the next season.

You will see immediately below a file on B&DCL fixtures for 2017/18 updated 120518 Pl click the file to open:-


Updated and final of the season player appearances are shown on a spreadsheet in this part of the website. The only difference is that use of “Reserve Places” now included. The file is typically updated once a week on Saturdays. File updated 26 May ’18



And a Match Result Card to click and download in Word:


or as an Excel file, which is the current card:

B&DCL Result Card_100217

Please keep a signed copy of the match result card in your file, but it is fine to just use email  or text me to notify results


5 Nov ’17 –  As secretaries and captains update contact information it will be added here

Mike Jay – League Controller Tel: 01425 461756, Mobile: 0755 145 6414 e-mail: [email protected]

Many thanks to all the clubs who have updated their information, including captains’ details and players allocated to each division. Pleased to receive this at any time. Please see further down this page club information.

Division 1 (6)

Wimborne A

Wimborne B

Poole A

Poole B

Southbourne A

Southbourne B

Division 2 (6)

New Milton A

Highcliffe A

Ringwood A

Wimborne C

Bournemouth A

Bournemouth B

Division 3 (6)

Poole C

Ringwood B

Wimborne D

Southbourne C

Highcliffe B

New Milton B

Division 4 (6)

Wimborne E

Southbourne D

Poole D

Poole E

Highcliffe C 

Wimborne F

Division 5 (6)

Poole F

Southbourne E

Wimborne G

Highcliffe D

Bournemouth C


Club Information

Bournemouth Chess Club info 2017/18

Tuesdays – Open 7.00 for prompt 7.15 start. Closes 10.15. 15 clocks

Please note Tuesday evenings are for matches only

Address: Kinson Community Centre, Pelhams Park, Milhams Road, Bournemouth,

BH10 7LH Tel: 01202 572826

Contact: Paul Errington Tel: 01202 527736 e-mail:


A Team – Paul Errington Tel: 01202 527736

B Team – Roy Eggington email: email

C Team – Simon Errington (contactable via his brother Paul (above))

Highcliffe Chess Club info 2017/18

Mondays – Open 7.00 for 7.30 start. Closes 10.30 14 clocks

Address: Highcliffe Community Association, Greystone House (Room 11), Waterford Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5JLTel: 278576

Secretary: Ron Salinger 44 Glenville  Road Walkford BH23 5PY 01425 277514 email


A Team – Robert Halse Tel: 01425 626405  email

B Team – Jan Van Heeckeren Tel: 07414 657533  email

C Team – Mike Tew Tel: 01202 267737  email

D Team – Mike Tew Tel: 01202 267737  email

New Milton Chess Club info 2017/18

Tuesdays – Open 7.00 until 11pm. Matches start 7.30pm. 10 clocks

Address: New Milton Conservative Club 24 Station Road, New Milton BH25 6JX Tel: 01425 610031

Website (please click): https://newmiltonchess.wordpress.com/about/

There is a page on this website that has important information applying to all members of visiting teams, please click on: https://newmiltonchess.wordpress.com/conservative-club-rules-for-visitors/ or google “New Milton Chess” – concerning dress, car parking, consumption of food and drink and signing-in

Chairman (non-executive) : John Beasant

Secretary: John Belinger email Tel: 01425 280943 & Mobile: 07851 045975


A Team – Barry Jolly e-mail  Tel: 01425 291122

B Team – Steven Disney Tel 01425 612923 e-mail 

Poole Chess Club info 2017/18

Thursdays – Open 7.15 for 7.30 start. 10 clocks

Address: Royal British Legion & Ex Servicemen’s Club, 66 North Road, Poole. BH14 0LY

Tel: 01202 744515

Secretary: Ciprian (Chip) Stanciu Tel: 0793 8922679 e-mail: , [email protected]


A Team – Eric Sachs Tel: 01202 552910, 0796 8472596  e-mail

B Team – Ciprian Stanciu Tel: 079389 22679 e-mail: [email protected]

C Team – Tarik – please contact via A Team Captain Eric Sachs (details above)

D Team – Chris Ambrose – Tel: 07946 727274 e-mail

E Team – Tim McCullagh Tel: 07910 029460 e-mail

F Team – Stephen Bailey Tel: 077995 11215 email

Purbeck Chess Club info 2107/18

Monday evenings at Mortons House Hotel, Corfe Castle. Tel is 01929 480988.

Matches start 7.30pm

10 clocks, 4 of which are the digital variety

Secretary:  Steve Peirson – email

Captain: Paul Stanley – email

Ringwood Chess Club 2017/18

Mondays – Open 7.15pm for 7.30pm start. 10 clocks including 5 digital

Address: The Original White Hart Hart, 4, Market Place, Ringwood, BH24 1AW Tel: 01425 472 702

Secretary: Pete Donaldson  e-mail


A Team – Martin Clancy – Tel (mob.) 07788 792527 email

B Team – Malcolm Day – Tel (home): 01425 838009 email

Southbourne Chess Club info 2017/18

Fridays – Open 7.00 for 7.30 start. 20 clocks

Address: Tuckton Social Club, 222 Tuckton Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, BH6 3AA

Secretary: Chris Lane Tel: (mob.) 0794111 5433 and email:

Web site: http//southbournechessclub.weebly.com

Web master and e-mail: John Harris


A Team – Martin Simons  Tel: 01202 513504

B Team – Brian Curran  Tel: 01202 417365

C Team – David Bryant Tel: (mob) 07738 966568

D Team – John Harris Tel: 01202 427523 and (mob) 0780 6658712

E Team – Nigel Purry  Tel: 01425 273664

Wimborne Chess Club info 2017/18

Wednesdays – Open 7.15 for 7.30 start. 20 clocks

Address:  Merley Community Centre, Harrier Drive, Merley, Wimborne BH21 1XE Tel: 01202 841330) This meeting place is approached via a drive just after Merley First School and playing field, but the driveway is clearly marked. There is parking for about 30 cars

Secretary: Phil Wallace Tel: 01202 886696 e-mail


A Team – Ian Clark – Tel: (home) 01202 536370

B Team – Mark Littleton Tel: (home) 01747 851445

C Team – Colin Wilson – Tel (home) 01202 848349 email

D Team – Tony Buckfield Tel: (home) 01202 887752 (Mobile) 07717 940239 e-mail

E Team – Phil Wallace Tel (home) 01202 886696  e-mail

F Team – Mike Davidson Tel: (home) 01202 890491 (Mobile) 07796 712038 e-mail

G Team – Greg Webb – Tel: (home) 01202 510843 email