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ECF new grades out, but gremlin in the system has duplicated some B&DCL results; update @ 24 July

24 July: Phil has today updated his message below. He explains the grades affected should be corrected by the start of the season. And adds those players who played several games in the B&DCL Sept-Dec ’18, and had a performance about the same as their grade, will probably see no difference when the grades are corrected. It’s […]


Tournament opportunities for senior players – both UK and abroad – from Stewart Reuben

7 Jan ’19. Not everyone may have seen the message below from Stewart Reuben, the ECF Manager of Senior Chess. Stewart outlines tournaments at home and abroad for senior players (age 50 or 65, and over @ 31 Dec ’19) COMPLIMENTS OF THE FORTHCOMING FESTIVE SEASON and the chessiest of wishes for 2019. Any replies […]


When do the ECF charge Game Fees for grading non-members?

From time to time clubs ask for clarification on this. The actual ECF ruling, as applicable to Leagues like ours, is given below from their website. The current annual ECF membership fee for Bronze Membership is £16. Non ECF members are allowed to play up to 3 games in any one League without the ECF […]