Bridport Chess Club has closed and will therefore not be competing this coming season. However, if there is new interest, Malcolm Steevens is hoping the club might be reformed. On the positive side, Div 1 has 2 additional teams – Poole A & Ringwood, and Div 3 has become one team more with Poole B. Div 2 though will be smaller than last year.

Mark Potter has taken over as Secretary at Dorchester and from David Aldwinckle. Mark’s email address is: , 01305 269143 and mob. 07707 639 587

From 5 Oct ’17 an “L” against a player’s name in the results indicates “Local” grade, what has previously been “E” for “Estimated”. The change has been made to bring us in line with the new ECF League Management System (LMS). As Dorset, we are trialling Phase 1 of this results recording software and Phil Wallace will provide a link to the LMS before Christmas 2017.


League Structure 2017/18

Div 1 (6)

Dorchester A

Dorchester B

Poole A


Weymouth A

Wimborne A

Div 2 (4)

Dorchester C

Purbeck A

Weymouth B

Wimborne B

Div 3 (5)

Dorchester D

Purbeck B


Wimborne C

Poole B

Dorset Chess League Team Captains – 2017/18

   Division 1
Dorchester A: Geoff Searing (01305 782371) email

Dorchester B: Dave Hardie (01305 267046) (mob. 0791 9815863) email

Poole A: Cirpiran Stanciu Tel: 079389 22679 e-mail

Ringwood: Martin Clancy – Tel (mob.) 07788 792527 email

Weymouth A: Allan Pleasants (07967 350553 or 01305 771129) email
Wimborne A: Mark Littleton (01747 851445) email
Division 2
Bridport A: Malcolm Steevens (01305 781225 or mobile 07767 200268) email (but please note the club has unfortunately closed and will therefore not be competing in season 2017/18)

Dorchester C: David Aldwinckle (01305262138 / 07977175263) email

Wimborne B: Colin Wilson (home 01202 848349) email
Purbeck A: Steve Peirson (01929 552504) email
Weymouth B: John Kelly (01305 832876) email
Division 3
Dorchester D: Bill Woodhouse (01305 814950) email
Poole B : Tariq Reghif, please contact via the Poole Club Secretary: Ciprian Stanciu (0793 8922679 e-mail – [email protected] or [email protected]

Purbeck B: Derek Mount (07774 248319) email  & deputy captain Jeremy Beling (01929 555167) email

Southbourne:  John Harris (01202 427523) e-mail

Wimborne C: Colin Wilson (home 01202 848349) email

Dorset Chess
Dorset Chess
The 24th Dorset Rapidplay will take place on Sunday, 24 March '19 and again at Greyfriars, Ringwood. Entry will be possible through the Dorset website just before Christmas '18. Pictured the 2018 joint winners (from the left): Peter Anderson, John Weatherlake, Gregorz Sawicki and Mike Waddington
Dorset Chess
Dorset Chess
Weds 12 Sept '18 On a most enjoyable night as the season commenced with the traditional curtain raiser, Poole beat Bournemouth 17-12 to win the trophy for the first time in 4 years. Quote from the losing captain Martin Simons "it was a great night, great venue, great spirit and some great chess and very well done to Poole". Martin complimented his team on arriving by 7.15pm for the match and he had no withdrawals. His actual words...."proud and impressed".

Winning captain Eric Sachs commented ' I am so proud of our team where 18 Poole club members took part and were supported ably by Wimborne and Ringwood players. It was a night when all the players came together, but it is lot of work arranging. Martin did much to bring all his players to the match and was very gracious in stepping down to even up the pairings on the top board. It's nice to win at the time, and disappointing to lose on the night, but the overall success of the event and the spirit of 58 local players giving their best, playing chess, is the real winner. Special thanks to the helpers Steve Bailey, John Weatherlake, Adam Jaggard and Graham Morris for managing the bookstall etc and anyone else I have forgotten who supported the evening".
Dorset Chess
Dorset Chess
See the Poole Chess website for the fascinating story behind Steve Bailey's visually impaired Barbados cricket tour during July '18. The Poole club ran fund raising activities to enable Steve to take part as Head Coach. The tour was a huge success!