Daily Quiz

Daily Quiz

Over the summer months until face-to-face chess is widely restarted in Dorset there will be a daily ‘Test Your Chess Knowledge’ quiz question (with 5 possible answers). For local quiz questions you may find the Bulletins and Chat articles helpful.

Martin Simons welcomes your feedback on the quiz and any submissions you have for questions.

Every day we will be publishing the Answers to the latest questions.

Questions 1-50 can be found here

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.61 – Chess Laws / Trivia

The first game between space and earth was in which year?
A) 1960
B) 1965
C) 1970
D) 1975
E) 1980

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.60 – You are the Arbiter!

The rules at a weekend tournament do not specify a default start time. The time control is all your moves in one hour 30 minutes plus 30 second increments. One player turns up 15 minutes after the start of the next round. What do you do?
A) The default time is zero minutes so the player is defaulted.
B) The default time is zero minutes so the player would normally be defaulted but the Arbiter has the final say.
C) There is a default time of 30 minutes so the player is allowed to play.
D) There is a default time of one hour so the player is allowed to play.
E) There is a default time of one hour less than the core base time so the player is allowed to play

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.59 – International Chess

Which Grandmaster has expressed strongly that delivering stalemate should result in a win not a draw and caused Chessbase to publish an article examining the topic:
A) Victor Korchnoi
B) Magnus Carlsen
C) Alexander Morozevich
D) Nigel Short
E) Loek van Wely

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.58 – National Chess

Which British chess player is the subject of the chess book ‘It’s Only Me’?
A) Raymond Keene
B) John Nunn
C) Tony Miles
D) Mickey Adams
E) Nigel Short

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.57 – Local Chess

Which current member of Southbourne Chess Club was also present on its opening night in 1974?
A) Russ Pegg
B) Jon Catchpole
C) Frank Hamilton-Taylor
D) John Harris
E) Martin Simons

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.56 – Chess Laws / Trivia

When is a player allowed to write a move down on their scoresheet before it is played?
A) Never
B) All the time
C) Before claiming a draw by the same position appearing 3 times.
D) Before claiming a draw under the 50 move rule.
E) Before claiming a draw as noted in both C and D above.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.55 – You are the Arbiter!

In the last round of a tournament, the game on top board starts with 1.h4 and White offers Black a draw which is accepted as this means both players are joint winners. What do you do?
A) Accept the draw but the game is not rated.
B) Accept the draw and the game is rated.
C) Give Black the point as White was not allowed to offer the draw.
D) Tell both players the game is not valid and the Arbiter may choose from a host of actions.
E) Tell both players the draw is not valid and the current game continues.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.54 – International Chess

Who produced a bottle of urine during a post game press conference at a Candidates tournament?
A) Alexander Grischuk
B) Nigel Short
C) Vasyl Ivanchuk
D) Bobby Fischer
E) Tony Miles

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.53 – National Chess

What is Private Eye magazine’s nickname for Raymond Keene which has gained traction in some chess circles?
A) The Joker
B) The Penguin
C) The Riddler
D) Poison Ivy
E) The Scarecrow

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.52 – Local Chess

We currently have 10 clubs participating in our two local chess leagues but how many clubs were there 25 years ago?
A) 10
B) 15
C) 20
D) 25
E) 30

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.51 – Chess Laws / Trivia

In which century was stalemate standardised as a draw?
A) 15th
B) 16th
C) 17th
D) 18th
E) 19th