Delancey Chess Challenge Megafinals now open for registration

The Delancey Megafinals are now open for registration!

Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge Megafinals 2023

The UK Chess Challenge, sponsored by Delancey, first took place in 1996 and has since grown into one of the largest junior chess tournaments in the world. The event welcomes all-comers from beginners to national champions and schools from all corners of the United Kingdom take part. It is quite a unique tournament.

Players successful at the Megafinal stage qualify for the Gigafinals, where further success means qualification for the Terafinal, the grand final. Full details of the stages and rules can be found on the Delancey Chess Challenge website.

Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge Dates and Overview

Options for Playing

In 2023, as was the case last year, there are two ways to take part in a Megafinal:

  • Over the Board (face to face) or…
  • Online.

1) The OTB or face to face competitions are hosted by regional organisers.

The first Megafinals begin in March 2023 and run until the end of June.

Our nearest Megafinal is usually the Hampshire Megafinal (25th June) but juniors can play in any Megafinal – and more than one.

2) Play online.

In June, the Delancey Chess Challenge team will be running two online Megafinals for each age group, with further Gigafinal qualifying spots. This is ideal for those wanting to play from home.

Find Out More

For more information please see the overview of the competition.

The Hampshire Megafinal and the Online Megafinals are also listed on our tournaments page.

Dorset juniors have done very well in the Megafinals, Gigafinals and Terafinals in recent years.   Here’s how they got on in last year’s Megafinals.

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