Dorset Junior Chess – Friday evening online Chess event with Santa and Christmas jumpers.

Dorset Junior Chess – Friday evening online Chess event with Santa and Christmas jumpers.

This Friday (18th November) saw another highly enjoyable online chess coaching and tournament for Dorset junior chess players. An amazing 15 juniors, 3 coaches (Andy Baskett, Martin Simons and Nikki Forster) plus several parents attended and the whole evening proved such great fun and very successful.

The evening started at the usual 5pm slot with a very enthusiastic interactive chess lesson led by Andy Baskett. Christmas jumpers and hats were worn and even Santa made an appearance.

This week covered a video on Opening Principles and a summary of previous weeks’ sessions on Forks, Discovered Attacks and Double Checks. The video was paused at critical points to enable the juniors on the session to solve the problems posed by Fun Master Mike.

This was followed by a very close and exciting online 5 round blitz chess tournament on which was won by Matthew with Lohit second, Jack third and MaxFlorence & Harry equal fourth.

It is great to see all juniors taking on-board all the coaching tips and enjoying themselves. Well played all juniors!

The next session will be on Wednesday 30th December due to Christmas and New Year falling on Fridays, again at 5pm.

These evenings are proving to be very popular. If you know of any juniors who would be interested then please contact [email protected].

We welcome all junior chess players from across the Dorset and Bournemouth & District chess league catchment areas (and some who are just over the border in Hampshire!) irrespective of your school or chess club affiliation.


Chess preparation

To help any children who are relative beginners get to a common standard, they are encouraged to do the first (free) 6 lessons listed below as these cover the basics of how the pieces move.

Pawn level 1

Pawn level 2

Pawn level 3

Pawn level 4

Pawn level 5

Pawn level 6