Rules for the Dorset League 2017/18

(Amended 21 June 2018 post AGM)

  1. League Management
    The League shall be managed by the Executive Committee. It shall be open to any club affiliated to the County and paying the League fees as laid down in the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Awards
    The Young Bournemouth trophy shall be awarded to the club winning Division 1; the Second Division board to the club winning Division 2, and the Third Division board or trophy to the club winning Division 3.
  3. Structure and Grading Limits
    The League shall comprise such a number of divisions as shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Each team shall consist of four players who must be bona fide members of their club. Players in each team shall normally be arranged in current grading order, except that a ten point displacement shall be allowed. Before matches commence the two captains should each fill in player’s names and grades on the match score card and any discrepancy should be resolved before play commences. Clubs who enter teams in Division 2 must ensure that the sum of each player’s grade must not exceed 600 (adjusted to 602 just for season 2018/19), with the playing average being a maximum of 150. Clubs who enter teams in Division 3 must ensure that the sum of each player’s grade must not exceed 500, with the playing average being a maximum of 125. There is no grading limit or restriction in Division 1.
  4. Grades & penalties for exceeding limits; eligibility rules
    The August ECF grade, in categories A-E is to be applied throughout the following and entire season for the purposes of eligibility, board order and grading related prizes. L “local” grades and ECF category “F” grades used from the start of the season should be revised appropriately by the Controller during the season in consultation with clubs, and also changed if an ECF categories “A-E” grade is available from the following January.
    If a team in Divisions 2 or 3 includes a player without an “L” or “F” grade then that player will assume the grade of 150 if Division 2 and 125 if Division 3. With regard to ungraded players, a team captain can request a lower or higher grade (either of which may be a fairer estimate of that player’s playing strength) for that player provided this has been agreed in advance with the League Controller.
    No player shall represent more than one team in each division in the course of a season, but players from lower divisions may play as reserves in higher divisions. However, all games will still count for grading purposes.
    If any team’s total grading points in any division, except division one, exceeds the agreed total relevant to that division, then the following penalty will apply:
    Team total exceeded limit by up to and including 5 points (i.e. 605 points in div 2, but adjusted to 607 points just for season 2018/19) then the team will default one board.
    Team total exceeded limit by more than 5 points (i.e. 606 points or more in div 2, but adjusted to 608 points just for season 2018/19) then the team will concede two boards.   
  5. Fixture Lists
    Clubs participating shall be able to access a fixture list and a copy of the rules at the start of the season through the Dorset Chess website. These fixtures shall be observed, except that, by mutual agreement of both team captains and the League Controller, a match may be delayed by up to one month, provided five days’ notice is given. (NB-also see rule 10).
  6. Use of clocks and time controls
    Digital clocks need to be used in Division 1 to allow for Time Increments. Clocks should be started at 7.15pm, unless another time is previously agreed by the match captains, and each match shall have a minimum of three hours play, but with Time Increments games may occasionally last longer. In an emergency, with no digital clock available, it is acceptable to use an analogue clock and the time control in Option B below applies.
    Option A – Time Increments
    Time Increments – To be used in all Division 1 matches on the basis of each player having 1 hour + 30 seconds a move. All moves must be recorded.
    Option B -Type “Q” – Quickplay finish game
    All games in Divisions 2 & 3 are subject to a quickplay finish. Clocks should be started at 7.15pm, unless another time is previously agreed by the match captains. In these games the normal rules of chess shall apply until the first time control is reached, thereafter the following rules shall be observed.
    The rate of play in both divisions shall be: a first time control at 35 moves in 75 minutes per player; at the completion of black’s 35th move both clocks shall be set back by 15 minutes and the game must then be completed within the remaining time. (NB- see rule 9c).
  7. Match scores and end of season ties
  8. A won match shall score 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points. If a match is agreed a draw without a game played, then no points shall be gained by either side. The team with the highest match point total shall be the winner of that relevant Division for that year. In the event of a tie on both match points and games points, the title will be shared.
  9. Entering match results
    Match results should be entered on LMS by either team within 24 hours, if possible and verified by the opponents. Match result cards should be completed and signed by both captains, and then retained by the home captain in case of subsequent queries.
  10. Controller discretion
    In exceptional circumstances the League Controller shall have the discretion:
    (a) To permit one game in any match to be played in advance
    (b) To permit the postponement of any match by more than one month
    (c) To permit an alternative to the quickplay finish


End of document – Updated 21 June 2018 following AGM 20 June 2018