Dorset Rapidplay 24 March at Greyfriars, Ringwood: 63 take part and 6 share 1st place with 5/6

Dorset Rapidplay 2019 Ringwood

Everyone took home a prize from this 24th Dorset Rapidplay, superbly run by Controller Martin Simons with Assistant Controller Graham Morris. There were 29 cash prize winners, including 13 for winning grading sections and a team prize. £648.24 was paid out. It was the strongest ever Rapidplay, and that was reflected in 6 players sharing first place pictured (and from the left, Peter Bjorntoft [Denmark], Antonio Martinez-Sykora [Southampton], Mike Duggan [Poole], Mike Waddington [Dorchester], Keith Gregory [Fareham] & Allan Pleasants [Weymouth]. Under the rules of the competition, Mike Duggan, Allan Pleasants and Mike Waddington share the Dorset County Chess Association Rapidplay trophy for the next year. Apart from some exciting chess, the day was very sociable and friendly. As before, results are not sent for grading to encourage open play. Special mention for the tireless team working hard behind the scenes providing refreshments all day and an expansive lunch: Pam, Nikki Forster and Kara. Kara, who is Graham Morris’s daughter, was excellently supported by her own daughters Hallie and Emma. Emma, who is 8, took on Martin Simon’s now famous school bell ringing towards the end of the Congress, summoning players to start play and then attend the awards ceremony!

There are photos of the event, including the presentation through this link:

Here is a list of prizewinners provided by Martin, the Controller. And below that are the score charts that Graham Morris displayed and kept up to date at the event.

2019 – Dorset Rapidplay – List of Prizewinners
Main Prizes Score £
1st Mike Duggan Poole 5 40
Mike Waddington Dorchester 5 40
Allan Pleasants Weymouth 5 40
Antonio Martinez-Sykora Southampton 5 40
Keith Gregory Fareham 5 40
Peter Bjorntoft Denmark 5 40
Grading Prizes
174-179 James Forster Southbourne 4 8
Bob Lynn Salisbury 4 8
Steve Peirson Purbeck 4 8
164-173 Grzegorz Sawicki Southbourne 4 12
Paul Waddingham Southampton Uni 4 12
156-163 Reenan Du Toit New Milton 12
Robert Halse Highcliffe 12
150-155 Gillian Moore Southampton 4 24
140-149 Steve Pollyn Wimborne 24
130-139 Peter Manning New Milton 4 24
120-129 Adam Ursell Highcliffe 24
114-119 Paul Errington Bournemouth 3 12
Martyn Mayber Taunton 3 12
107-113 John Davis Southampton 24
101-106 Ron Salinger Highcliffe 2 12
Chris Kenwood Salisbury 2 12
97-100 Rui Simpson Southampton Uni 3 24
85-96 Dave Williams Isle of Wight 2 12
Alan Reid Southbourne 2 12
Under 85 Jamie Doyle Poole 24
Fun (most potential) Thomas Trach Highcliffe 1 0.24
Team Mike Duggan Poole 14 after handicap 24
John Weatherlake Poole 24
Chris Roberts Poole 24
Jamie Doyle Poole 24
Total Cash Prizes 648.24
Other winners
Best Veteran Bob Lynn Salisbury
Gillian Moore Southampton Trophy and Book
Best Lady Gillian Moore Salisbury Chocolates
Best Junior Jamie Doyle Poole Book
Prizegiving attendees Everyone! Book

There are 3 images immediately below of the final scores:

Rapidplay Ringwood 2019

Dorset Rapidplay 240319

Dorset Rapidplay 240319

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