Dorset Rapidplay – Entries @ 21 Mar ’19: 62 – 24 cash prizes totalling £648; Team Prize £96

Dorset Rapidplay – Entries @ 21 Mar ’19: 62 – 24 cash prizes totalling £648; Team Prize £96

Many thanks to everyone who has entered. The Congress has enjoyed a late surge of entries and we are nearing our maximum entry limit to ensure good playing conditions. At time of posting this (21 March), entries still possible  and please do so on-line via the main menu bar “Congresses” – thanks. Mike


The 2019 theme is 24! E.g. it is the 24th Dorset County Chess Association Rapidplay, takes place on Sunday, 24th March 2019, 24 cash prizes and everything in multiples of 24 where possible.

We have increased the cash prizes to a total £648 (up 30%) – the Team Prize has doubled to £96 and up to 12 Grading Prizes of £24 each. Everyone will win a prize of some kind. Entry fee of £16 includes usual free hot lunch, snacks and all hot and cold drinks.

Teams for the Team Prize can be entered on the Sunday morning to Martin or Graham. Usual rules – and these are posted on the notice board. High average grade teams get penalties and low average grade teams get a bonusses!

Time Increments being used in this Rapidplay event for the first time. 20 minutes plus 5 seconds a move. Last year the feedback was entrants wanted an earlier finish, so we will complete the last round by 5pm, with the prize giving shortly after.

It is an Open congress.

For more information, please go to “Rapidplay 2019” under “Congresses” main menu bar. Entries possible on-line or by hard copy. There is also some information on last year’s congress in the snow.

Although obviously the results are important, at the same time, we aim to keep the tradition going of this being a friendly, informal and welcoming congress.

Special welcome to Peter Bjorntoft, who lives in Demark and plays for the Seksloebren club. He has been encouraged to enter by fellow Dane Jorgen, who of course, needs no introduction!

Sincere thanks to all those players who have made donations to Congress funds. All monies gratefully received will be used to enhance this particular event.

List of entries at 1.30pm 21 Mar ’19.  Latest in bold.

Clark, Ian Wimborne 191
Waddington Mike Dorchester 191
Pleasants, Allan Weymouth 190
Jenks, Bruce Southbourne 189
Anderson Peter Ringwood 188
Martinez-Sykora, Antonio Southampton 188
Chapman, Matt Southampton Uni 184
Littleton, Mark Wimborne 181
Piper, Stephen Salisbury 181
Forster, James Southbourne 178
Westrap, Christian Highcliffe 178
Gregory, Keith Fareham 176
Lynn, Bob Salisbury 176
Peirson, Steve Purbeck 175
Bjorntoft, Peter Seksloebren (Denmark) 173
Sawicki, Grzegorz Southbourne 171
Heard Andy Beckenham 170
Deswarte, Ian Guildford 166
Waddingham, Paul Southampton Uni 165
Weatherlake, John Poole 163
Du Toit, Reenen New Milton 162
Holmes, David Chandlers Ford 159
Halse, Robert Highcliffe 157
Clancy, Martin Ringwood 154
Smith, Ken Highcliffe 154
Wilcock, Peter Wimborne 152
Moore, Gillian Southampton 151
Graham, David Basingstoke 150
Pollyn Steve Wimborne 149
Ursell Richard Highcliffe 146
Nielsen, Jorgen Holstrom Wimborne 144
Jackson, Paul Bournemouth 142
Willett Greg Portsmouth 141
Manning, Peter New Milton 138
Agostinelli Dave Southampton 136
Wilson, Colin Wimborne 136
Tyler, Alan Wimborne 132
Cheung, Ryan Southampton Uni 130
Ursell Adam Highcliffe 129
Manson, Andrew Highcliffe 127
Jones Amanda Salisbury 126
Lambton, David Southampton Uni 126
Davenport, Rob Ringwood 122
Errington, Paul Bournemouth 118
Maber, Martyn Taunton 117
Day, Malcolm Ringwood 114
Spooner, Keith Purbeck 114
Davis John Southampton 111
Roberts, Christine Poole 109
Charalambus, Charles Isle of Wight 107
Trach Thomas Highcliffe 105
Barnett, James Salisbury 104
Salinger, Ron Highcliffe 104
Kenward Chris Salisbury 103
Simpson, Rui Southampton Uni 100L
Ware, Philip Basingstoke 100
Murphy, Samuel Chandlers Ford 96
Williams, Dave Isle of Wight 92
Reid, Alan Southbourne 90
Barrett, Mark Salisbury 75
Doyle, Jamie Poole 72
Hopkins, Andre Salisbury 44

The ECF grades above reflect changes at 1 Jan ’19