22 Nov: Tarik describes how Poole Knights & Wimborne capture the spirit of Bacchus - Chris Ambrose plays for the Knights as their "over-grade" player

Dorset Bacchus Chess League
The guideline rules of Bacchus ask that team players are graded <100, though one over-grade player is fine. But clubs asked to give their opponents notice of this in advance. And exactly what happened last night. Poole Knights had asked Wimborne if the match could be over 3 boards, as they were struggling to find a suitable board 4. But "eager" Wimborne wanted to play over 4 boards and so both clubs agreed Poole would play experienced Chris Ambrose, on top board who is graded just over 100.



Tarik has entered an excellent LMS report on last night’s Bacchus League encounter, which fulfilled all the original intentions – friendly, competitive and giving emerging and less experienced members the chance to play league chess, without being heavily out-graded.

Phil Wallace, County Grader, has approved these games being included for grading, providing each player has at least an hour on the clock. Moves should also be recorded.

The original idea for a league like Bacchus came from Wimborne’s Mike Davidson. Mike rightly commented that neither of the lowest leagues of County and B&DCL was suitable for low or ungraded players, who wanted to play league chess against opponents of similar strength to themselves.