52nd Dorset Open - weekend 13-15 Oct '17 - Bournemouth

Dorset Chess Open Michael Duggan
For information on the 51st Dorset Open, held 2-4 Dec '16, including winners, please go to "Congresses" main menu and then "Dorset Open Congress" on the sub menu


13th October 2017


15th October 2017


Bournemouth   View map

Ian Clark has released some details:-

There will be 4 sections as before: Open, Major, Intermediate and Minor

Playing Schedule: Round 1 on Friday starts at 19.00. Round 2 Saturday 10.00, Round 3 Saturday 15.00, Round 4 Sunday 10.00and Round 5 Sunday 15.00

The time control will be 40 moves in 1hr 40mins with a 20 minute allegro finish

To see photos and final scores from last year’s 51st Congress please go to “Congresses” on the main menu and “Dorset Open”. Or click on this link : http://www.dorsetchess.co.uk/congresses/dorset-open-congress/



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