Bacchus competition - Captains sometimes give a heads-up on their team strength to help make matches better

Dorset Bacchus Chess League
Bacchus was the original idea of Mike Davidson and Phil Wallace at Wimborne. Mike, especially, was keen to see more players get league match opportunities and he was concerned that divisions like County 3 and B&D 5 are often too strong for many players experiencing league chess for the first time etc.



At 25 Feb: Lots of feedback on Bacchus and nearly all very positive about how it is giving league match opportunities to many players for the first time, especially juniors – and also to members who would normally not get the opportunity in their club’s other teams.

Unintentionally, and perhaps inevitably, a few matches have been a bit one sided, even though the maximum grade 100 rule has been complied with at all times.

A very good practice from some captains has been to contact their next opponents, in advance, to give some indication of their expected team. So if they have a player, or players, of say 40L the opposing captain is sporting in trying to match that. Obviously this is not always easy to do, but it does seem to be an excellent practice and fits well with the spirit of Bacchus to have enjoyable, competitive, games where winning is much less important than taking part.

This season all clubs taking part received an award of £20 towards club funds, but there will be no cup for the team who finish at the top of the table; the thinking being a trophy does not quite fit the culture of this league. Bacchus fixtures and results continue to be published on LMS and count towards grading.

Under ECF rules, the first 3 games by any one player, in any one league like Bacchus are free, but the ECF charge once a 4th game is played. This is a link to a page on the website explaining how it works: