Bacchus - Information and Fixtures @ 30 Oct '18 - Updated fixture list at foot of this item - new dates Poole Bishops v Bournemouth

Dorset Bacchus Chess League
5 teams have entered this first season of the Bacchus League, aimed at giving match opportunities to less experienced and developing players. And whose actual, or estimated grade is <100. Teams are: Poole Bishops, Wimborne, Highcliffe, Poole Knights and Bournemouth. Teams are typically 4 players, but can be 3, or higher than 4 if the Captains agree. In the spirit of the league, it looks probable Captains will make their teams known to each other in advance of each fixture to help ensure good matches. Fixtures and a reminder of the guideline rules for Bacchus are in a file at the foot of this item.



30 Oct

Eric Sachs, on behalf of Poole Bishops, advises 2 changes of dates for matches with Bournemouth. Bournemouth v Poole Bishops now 9 April ’19 (was 11 April). And the return fixture Poole Bishops v Bournemouth now 15 Nov (was 18 Dec).

16 Oct

Second match of the new league last night and finished all-square at Greystones, Highcliffe. Well done to Mike and Tarik for setting it up. Poole continued their excellent initiative to use Bacchus to give opportunities to young players, often getting match practice with clocks etc for the first time

6 Oct

The match Highcliffe v Poole Knights is taking place on 15 Oct, brought forward 1 week from original date of 22 Oct.

5 Oct

All underway, very successfully at Poole 4 Oct – Poole Bishops v Wimborne. For full report from Eric Sachs and score please go to LMS and “Bacchus East”

1 Oct

The Bacchus League gets going this week, the first ever match – Poole Bishops v Wimborne over a planned 4 boards. Eric Sachs & Mike Davidson are the respective team organisers. Very well done to both clubs, whose teams include players new to competitive chess. Good luck to both teams!

Fixtures and a reminder of the guideline rules for Bacchus are in a file at the foot of this item.

26 Sept

As mentioned previously Bacchus fixtures have been uploaded to LMS by Phil Wallace and therefore welcome teams putting forward player names to help when match results are entered. Eric Sachs has already given the names of 7 players across the Poole Bishops and Poole Knights teams. The Bacchus file under B&DCL 2018/19 has been updated 29 Sept.

21 Sept

Yesterday mentioned that the Poole Knights team, run by Tarik, will draw young players – these will be mainly from Lychett Minster School. Similarly Poole Bishops, managed by Eric aims to give opportunities to Poole Grammar students. In this way, it is very much hoped the Bacchus League will become an important stepping stone and introduction into our League chess for some young players

20 Sept

The Highcliffe v Poole Knights match has been moved from Mon 8 Oct to Mon 22 Oct, to avoid 3 matches on 1 evening at Highcliffe (previously thought it might be 15 Oct). Bournemouth have requested re-arranging some of their home matches to be on same evenings as B&D encounters, to maximise room use. So….v Poole Bishops now 18 Dec (was 6 Nov), v Wimborne now 19 Feb (was 12 Feb), v Highcliffe now 23 Apr (was 26 Mar). Tarik is running the Poole Knights team which will be mainly young players. He has emailed Mike Tew, the Highcliffe Captain about possibly re-arranging the match on 9 May at Poole.

Phil Wallace has uploaded the Bacchus fixtures onto LMS and Captains will be asked to kindly enter scores this way

The Bacchus fixtures also accessible through the file at the foot of this item, including guideline rules etc.

16 Sept

Fixtures and the original guideline rules have been emailed to the participating clubs, Sun 16 Sept. For the inaugural season, there will be teams from Highcliffe, Bournemouth, Poole (2 teams) and Wimborne. Teams, which can be as small as 3, or more by agreement between the clubs, can be added after the season has started. All players in teams should be graded under 100, but permissible to have one player over 100, but only if opposing captain agrees. In the west Dorset area, it is hoped that Dorchester and Weymouth play each other in at least one Bacchus match. The principal aim is for the league to be friendly and informal, but please use clocks, as this is a condition for ECF grading.

Phil Wallace has set up Bacchus within LMS so the fixtures, results and league table will be available by clicking on the link (red button top of home page). And of course, log-ins will need to be available to captains.

Please click below to view the Bacchus file. It is also under B&D Season 2018/19, off the Main Menu. Good luck to all teams.

Simon Errington is the Bournemouth Bacchus Captain (01258 489 160).