B&D and County League latest @ 14 Sept - Sunrise on a new season.

Dorset Chess Sunrise on a new season (2018/19)
Not long to go before the new season!



Fri 14 Sept

Please see item “Sunrise on a new season” in the centre column alongside.

11 Sept

Mark Potter is the new Captain of Dorchester B who will be playing in County Div 2 this coming season along with the Club’s C team. Dorchester D are in County Div 3.

Christine Roberts has taken over from Tim McCullagh as Captain for Poole E, B&D Div 4. Tim has joined Southbourne.

The latest version of the fixtures (v10) appears under respective B&D and County Information 2018/19, off the Main Menu.

And just to confirm Highcliffe C now playing in B&D Div 4 (not Div 5) and the new combined team from New Milton and Highcliffe, named “High Milton” will be playing in B&D Div 5 and they effectively take the place of Highcliffe C in Div 5, but some dates have changed


Sat 7 Sept

Well, we are nearly there with the fixtures for both B&D and County. All the AGMs have now taken place and endorsed planned teams etc. Because their team is going to be stronger than expected, Highcliffe C are going to play in B&D Div 4, not Div 5. And New Milton and Highcliffe are going to enter a combined team in B&D Div 5, which will be shown as “High Milton” in the next version of fixtures. The aim is to give league match practice to players who both clubs consider ready for B&D league chess, but may not get regular play opportunities otherwise. A single round of 5 Bacchus matches will be drawn up in the next few days for the participating teams: Bournemouth, Poole (2 teams), New Milton, Highcliffe & Wimborne. Next step is a final version of the fixtures (v10) will be published in usual place under B&D and County Info 2018/19. Many thanks for the active participation of all clubs through the summer to come up with agreed dates for fixtures.


Tues 3 Sept

Dorchester AGM 2 Sept endorses their Committee recommendation to have an A team in County Div 1, then 2 teams as B&C in County Div 2. And, like last season Dorchester D will play in County Div 3.

Proposed dates being sent out today for Purbeck, B&D 4 and Southbourne E B&D 3.

Sat 1 Sept

Fixture date change: B&D Div 1. Ple A v Wim A now Weds 15 May, instead of Weds 1 May

Southbourne held their AGM last night, Fri 31 Aug. They have decided to keep their E team in Div 5 (with many thanks to Purbeck who have kindly agreed to play, what is effectively their C team, in Div 4). Also the meeting decided the club could not enter a team in Div 3 of the County League this season, nor were there sufficient players for a Bacchus team. But both the County and Bacchus Leagues would be reviewed again for season 2019/20

This means in B&D Div 4 now 5 teams, 8 matches. B&D Div 5 4 teams, 6 matches. Fixtures under B&D Info 2018/19 adjusted to show South E and Purbeck swapping places, but some dates still need adjusting – e.g. for Purbeck to play at home on Mondays, and Southbourne Fridays. And Dorset league fixtures (v8 1 Sept ’18) have been adjusted to remove the South team, so now 5 teams 8 matches


Weds 29 Aug

Fixture date change. B&D Div 1 Wim A v Ple A, originally 19 Sept is now 21 Nov, Merley.

Bacchus note sent to Secretaries this morning to set scene for season. New Milton regret that cannot enter a team this season, but remain interested and hopeful for season 2019/20


Tues 28 Aug

Latest on Bacchus is 6 teams have entered (East) so either 5 or 10 matches, depending on what clubs wish. Highcliffe, New Milton, Poole (2), Bournemouth (tbc) & Wimborne. Some AGM’s coming up, so once these have taken place will issue first draft of fixtures. In the West we have Weymouth & Dorchester, so need to plan fixtures for them. Reminder teams should be graded <100, unless agreed in advance and teams can be as small at 3.

The emails sent to Secretaries 19 Aug to outline plans for the season are under B&D and County Info 2018/19 respectively

Thurs 23 Aug

Paul Errington reports that Bournemouth have needed to withdraw their C team from Div 5, as they will not have sufficient players to support 3 teams. But they remain keen to enter Bacchus if possible, especially as matches can be played with just 3 players and the league is targeted at members new to competitive chess. This change, plus updating of adjustments to fixtures mentioned below 21 & 22 Aug, in B&DCL Fixtures v 6, 230818 and under B&D Info 2018/19. Plan to keep Div 5, but may consult with clubs to see if they wish to play more than 6 league matches.

Weds 22 Aug

South C v High B now Fri 14 Dec from 21 Dec to avoid clashing with Southbourne’s popular Christmas chess evening. Wim E v Ple E, B&D Div 4 now moved from 24 Apr to 8 May to avoid 3 matches at Merley same night. Sending notes to all secretaries this week giving some general info for start of season. There has been a lot of feedback to try and get fixtures right for clubs. Many thanks and well done.

Tues 21 Aug

A small number of changes in the last week, mainly involving Wimborne teams. Includes rescheduling both B&D Div 2 Wim B v C matches. Version 5, 21 Aug appears under both Dorset League and B&D, Season 2018/19. John Belinger rightly raised issues during last week around how to manage time when games might be long with Time Increments and venues need to close. Generally, it is not expected Time Increments will make games longer. However, now and again it might happen and Martin Simons has come up with an innovative approach which is item 20 in Section 4 of the Captain’s Notes (v4). Martin has suggested Captains could agree, before the match, any game becomes a quickplay with 5 minutes each on the clock once 70 moves are reached, and time is carried over. Like all the Captain’s Notes this is for consultation, but could help captains when rooms must be vacated by a certain time, e.g. 11pm.

Thurs 16 Aug

County Div 2 now 5 teams and 8 matches. Phil Wallace has advised that the Wimborne Committee has decided not to enter their B team in Div 2 this coming season. It is due to needing to have sufficient players to meet all their league commitments.

They will still have 2 teams in County Div 3 and these will be become Wimborne B & Wimborne C. And, of course, an A team in Div 1

Weds 15 Aug

Captain’s Notes. Many thanks to all those who continue to give their ideas and views on these draft notes which appear under County Info 2018/19 and B&D Info 2018/19. Steve Peirson rightly pointed out the correct process with offering a draw is: Make Move, Offer Draw, Press Clock. It it is not a breach of rules to do it differently, but best practice is as Steve says. So draft will be changed. Steve also wants more explanation on 50 moves and 75 without a pawn move or piece being taken. Assumption in notes is at 50 a draw can be claimed, but game goes on if not claimed. At 75 moves the draw is automatic. If you do not agree with this, please do say. Finally, Steve questioned why include a para on board count and board elimination when not relevant to league matches. It is a fair point, but it has been a query for Knock-Out matches etc and might leave it in. If you agree with Steve it confuses please give that feedback.

Mon 13 Aug

Slight adjustment to the aggregate grade maximum in County Div 2 this coming season – will be 602 instead of 600. Applies to all matches in Div 2 and for one season only. Decision taken following consultation and Committee support.

Fri 10 Aug

Bacchus (East): New Milton, Highcliffe, Bournemouth, Poole (2 teams) & Wimborne

Bacchus (West): Dorchester & Weymouth

As mentioned below, Bacchus fixtures will be set up once League dates established

Other News

Many thanks to all who have come back on wanting dates etc altered from the 1st drafts. Where possible, these requests have been enacted and outlined in some notes at the foot of this column.

Also grateful thanks to all those who have given feedback on the draft Captain’s Notes, especially John Belinger, New Milton, Mark Potter, Dorchester and Steve Peirson, Purbeck. I have incorporated much of what has been commented on and updated drafts also under “Info”, B&D & County League.

Headlines re League structure for 2018/19

  • Poole A, B&D Div 1 home games will be on a Weds, not Thurs, but same venue RBL North Rd
  • Wimborne have reluctantly withdrawn their “F” team from B&D Div 4. So their Div 5 team is now Wim “F” and not “G”
  • There is a vacancy for 1 further team in B&D Div 4 & Div 5 as each has 5 currently (B’th C unsure re Div 5) although B’th C might still enter Div 5 as they are keen to if sufficient players
  • Once finalised in early Sept, the fixtures will appear on LMS (not the website as before), along with results and updated tables as the season progresses
  • Bacchus will run, but fixtures will not be set out until County and B&D finalised early Sept
  • Bournemouth home matches will continue to start at 7.15pm at Kinson
  • The Conservative Club home to New Milton Chess Club has a dress code, which includes not allowing shorts. Pl just check if playing there (details under NM, B&D)


Fixtures change requests as at 6 Aug ‘18

B&D & County

  Action requested Action taken Comment
1. Purbeck changes to some dates, avoid clashes A & B teams playing on same night, and similarly not B & C on same night as a problem. Move fixture 17/9 to 19/9 Largely addressed but needs revisiting when full picture clearer end Aug So work in progress and still flexible
2 New Milton Changes to 1st draft requested, with date changes and avoid A & B both playing 22 Jan Addressed, but needs reviewing end month.
3. Southbourne Some errors identified plus clashes between S’brne D in B&D and S’brne in County


Request to avoid matches Fri 12 Oct, Dor Open

Errors sorted, but need to wait for S’brne AGM decisions end month, e.g County Div 3


Agree & will ensure


4. Wimborne Club Committee reluctantly decides to withdraw F team B&D Div 4, keeping E team in same Div. Thus in Div 5 Wim G become Wim F Adjustments made. So Div 4 becomes 5 clubs 8 matches
5. Dorchester Geoff Searing asks fixture 15 Oct changed (v High away) because of Dorset Open that weekend

(Martin Simons has also asked to avoid 12 Oct for S’brne home matches)

Yes, agree and changed to 22 Oct
6 Ringwood Want 17 Sept fixture v Ple D to be moved to 24 Sept; and v Wim D away to go to 5 Dec Yes, done and to those dates
7. Bacchus Purbeck not taking part this time Club is supportive, but not enough suitable players Bacchus fixtures will be set in Sept once league picture is clear
8 Highcliffe Want to enter County Div 2 but seek permission to unavoidably play team with aggregate points 602 in some matches (if agreed, would obviously apply to opponents too). Instead of normal max 600 Consultation taking place with teams affected (7 Aug) – update 13 Aug:- subsequently decided to set new max in Cty Div 2 of 602, to apply to all matches in that Div, but only for 2018/19 season. Purpose to enable Highcliffe to enter and in wider interest of the Cty League


Captain’s Notes

  Action requested Action Taken Comment
1 Distractions Make it clearer what is unacceptable. E.g. constantly asking to see opponent’s score sheet Yes, notes will briefly cover unacceptable “distractions”
2. Promotion of pawn is not clear. Point 27


Now added to 27
3. 10 Point Rule 2.1 not clarified until 3.2 Agreed, now added to
4. FIDE v B&D Make it clear if Notes are FIDE rule as apposed to B&D or Cnty adaptation Yes, agreed. Using green colour code
5. Flag Fall Make it clearer – e.g. a draw if both flags fall at the end of the quick play period Ok, will look at this
6. Box 19 (2 minute rule) Invoke 3.9 if captains cannot agree Ok, will add this
7. 2nd Queen on board Use upside down rook Make it clear proper queen should be used and upside down rook last resort
8. Allow descriptive notation As some players only use this, allow it Ok, will comment accordingly, so it is not “illegal”
9. 2nd illegal move Clarify if it loses game Not sure. View seems to be that this FIDE rule is too harsh