County Div 2 on 2 Oct; Purbeck A 2.5 Dorchester C 1.5; Julian Cherryson explains clubs trial Time Increments successfully

Dorset County League website
A feature of last night's match was that the clubs agreed to trial Time Increments on boards 2, 3 & 4 - as reported by Julian Cherryson on LMS. Julian comments the trial resulted in these games finishing in under 2 hours. On aggregate grades, the clubs were evenly matched. Purbeck ran out winners 2.5-1.5. Well done to Julian and Steve Peirson on recording the result, verifying and making comments, all by 10.15pm following the match concluding. Thanks to the Captains of both Leagues, almost all results so far are appearing within a short while of matches finishing and far quicker than previously. Also, Captains are to be commended on adding brief comments which significantly adds to interest .



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