Declan Lovelock demonstrates his prowess in standard chess - now for the 54th Dorset Open! Declan finishes his game v Wimborne A with more time on his clock than when starting!

Declan playing James 220919 Furzebrook
Estimating Declan's grade is an interesting challenge! Initially set at 157L (the "L" means locally estimated, and usually by the club), then revised to 195L for the recent 3rd Dorset Blitz, followed by 195L for standard play with his games v Weymouth A and Wimborne A in the last few days. And still not high enough, probably by some distance!



5 Oct: Until last month few had heard of 15 year old Declan outside Southbourne Chess Club. Now his incredible results have made him very well known! E.g. in the few month he has…

Won the Southbourne 10 Second Buzzer with 6/6

Won the 3rd Dorset Blitz with 10/11

Beaten one of Dorset’s strongest players, Allan Pleasants playing on board 1 for Highcliffe A v Weymouth A

And, last night, he beat another of Dorset’s strongest players, Ian Clark – this time on board 1 for Southbourne A v Wimborne A

Amazingly, nearly all Declan’s chess has been on-line and he has still only played a handful of “standard”, over the board games with clocks etc. He also plays very quickly – e.g. Southbourne Captain Martin Simons reported, on LMS, in his game last night he finished with 5 more minutes on his clock than when he started. Martin comments that his opponent Ian had… “some good chances in the early middlegame, but after grabbing a pawn, he came under severe time and positional pressure from Declan, and as a result, made an inaccuracy and the game was soon over”.

Next up for Declan is the Dorset Open starting this Friday (11 Oct ’19) where he has entered the “Open” section.

Many congratulations to Declan and all who have supported him to take an interest in chess. One thing seems certain though and that is this is only the start of the story!

(Pictured foreground on the left, Declan playing James Forster in the 3rd Dorset Blitz, Furzebrook 22 Sept ’19. Photo by Organiser Steve Peirson)