Dorset Rapidplay 2018 - Sunday 18 March '18 - Entered at 17 Mar: 67 - all set to go

Dorset Rapidplay 2017
We are just very grateful for the fantastic and unexpected level of support for this event and target of 64 reached. 5th year of it being run at Ringwood and this is the largest entry so far. This year we are moving into a slightly bigger room, The Greyfriars Hall, but still at Greyfriars. Please click on "Congresses" Main Menu and then Dorset Rapidplay 2018 to see the drop down menu for entrants.


18th March 2018



Greyfriars, Ringwood   View map

N News at 16 March. 10 groups with 1 winner in each being awarded £30 grading prize. Grading Groups shown below. Total prize money over £600 of which £540 cash prizes. Confirmation the event is cash free, meaning all hot and cold drinks, plus snacks, are included in the entry fee, as well as usual free hot and cold lunch. Reminder those competing for the Veterans Cup should be 65 or more (up from 60).

Why not form a 4 person team to compete for the £60 prize? You do not need to be from the same club. Grading penalty rules apply to give every team a chance – to enter please use notice board at the Rapidplay or see the Controller, Martin Simons or Graham Morris.

Please help ensure a prompt start and arrive by 9.45am. All set to go and hopefully weather will be kind to us, especially with travel. If you need to  ring me (Mike Jay), my mobile is 0755 145 6414 and email: [email protected] Everything is in place for an outstanding day and for this 23rd Dorset Rapidplay we have the best ever attendance, with the strongest field of players and drawn from the widest area.

Parking is free in the Greyfriars car parks, including the car park accessed through the gap in the wall and in the Library car park just beyond Greyfriars. But if you park in one of Ringwood’s 2 public car parks (Furlong & Blynkbonnie) you unfortunately have to pay on a Sunday.

Wishing everyone a successful and very enjoyable day!

Name Club/Location Grade Grade Group
Goater, Kevin Dorchester 197
Waddington, Mike Dorchester 196
García, Óscar Poole 194
Anderson, Peter Ringwood 194
Weatherlake, John Poole 191
Pleasants, Allan Weymouth 187
Clark, Ian Wimborne 186
Duggan, Michael Poole 184
Gregory, Keith 4NCL Wessex 180
Peirson, Steve Purbeck 178 1
Littleton, Mark Wimborne 176 1
Harman, Kenny (v) Ringwood 175 1
Jenks, Bruce Southbourne 172 1
May, Julian Bridport 170L 1
Sawicki, Grzegorz Southbourne 170 1
Du Toit, Reenen New Milton 167 2
Forster, James (j) Southbourne 167 2
Matko, Thomas Bath 167 2
Deswarte, Ian Guildord 166 2
Kemp, Paul Southbourne 163 2
Clancy, Martin Ringwood 161 2
Matko, Andy Wimborne 159L 3
Popovic, Dragi Poole 156 3
Heard, Andy Beckenham 155 3
Catchpole, Jon Southbourne 154 3
Wilcock, Peter Wimborne 154 3
Donaldson, Pete Ringwood 146 4
Jackson, Paul Bournemouth 146 4
Moore, Gillian (l) (v) Southampton 145 4
Ursell, Richard Highcliffe 144 4
Willett, Greg Guildord 141 4
Wilson, Colin Wimborne 140 4
Manning, Peter New Milton 134 5
Jolly, Barry New Milton 134 5
Agostinelli, Dave Southampton 131 5
Tyler, Alan (v) Wimborne 130 5
Halse, Rob Highcliffe 130 5
Harihar, Girish Bournemouth 126 5
Smith, Richard Poole 125 6
Barnett, Jim (v) Salisbury 124 6
Errington, Paul (v) Bournemouth 124 6
Ursell, Adam (j) Highcliffe 123 6
Spooner, Keith (v) Purbeck 121 6
McCook, Natashane Salisbury 120 6
Jones, Amanda (l) Salisbury 119 7
Pope, Michael (v) Salisbury 118 7
Maber, Martyn Taunton 117 7
Day, Malcolm (v) Ringwood 113 7
Davis, John (v) Southampton 113 7
Sheeran, Carl Isle of Wight 113 7
Brusati, Greta (j) (l) Weymouth 111 8
Davidson, Mike (v) Wimborne 103 8
Charalambous, Charles Isle of Wight 101 8
Kenward, Chris (v) Salisbury 101 8
Reid, Alan (v) Southbourne 101 8
Sturmey, Darrell Ringwood 99 9
Roberts, Christine (l) Poole 95 9
Huntley, Kevin Salisbury 93 9
Williams, Dave (v) Isle of Wight 91 9
McCullagh, Tim Poole 91 9
Grattage, Paul Southampton 90L 9
Stevens, Phil Isle of Wight 86 10
Tew, Mike (v) Highcliffe 82 10
Grattage, Mike (v) Isle of Wight 82 10
Barrett, Mark Salisbury 71 10
Hopkins, Andre Salisbury 66 10
Total 66
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