Entering player details on LMS - "new" & "existing" players

ECF Matters - Dorset Chess
When players join the ECF their ECF grading code reference number is for life. And it is retained even if their membership lapses for a long period and then, he or she rejoins. So it is quite important please to check the ECF records for new members perhaps returning to active and competitive chess after a break away from the game. If this is the situation, then they are an "Existing Player". Typically such players are "Ungraded" in the ECF records and it may take a little searching to find them.



Clubs, of course, can enter details for new players themselves on ECF LMS and also update – e.g. correct an error. If the player is already known to ECF, even if it goes back many years, then he or she is an “Existing Player”. The system will then bring forward relevant data, including a current grade if that is applicable.

But a member who, perhaps, has not played competitive club or congress chess before will likely be a “New Player”.