Innovative Dorset 1 day Chess Congress in exciting format at a new venue - Sunday 1 July '18 - Entered at 17 June: 26

Dorset County Chess Association
This is a really innovative and potentially exciting day of competitive chess at Merley, home of Wimborne Chess Club. The Dorset Closed has been revived in an attractive new format. Entry fee of just £12 and 4 sections of maximum 12 players each. Entrants will be competing for The Dorset Individual Championship, The Dorset Major, The Dorset Intermediate and The Dorset Minor. Prize money within each section is a generous £100. There are 3 scheduled rounds, followed by Play-Off matches if required. All moves for each player in 1 hour, plus 15 second increments. Results recorded as "Standard Play Games" for ECF grading. As a "Dorset Closed" competition kindly note conditions of entry. For more information and both hard copy and on-line entry forms please go to "Congresses" on Main Menu above and then "1st Dorset 1 Day Closed Congress". There is a sub-menu to show entrants to date. Please note there is a £5 fee for entries received after 23 June. When entering, please remember to make, or enclose, payment. Organiser is Ian Clark


1st July 2018


1st July 2018


Merley Social Club, Wimborne BH21 1XE   View map

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