Player Allocations file @ 18 Jan '19

Bournemouth & District Chess League
The ECF themselves do not regard F grades as wholly valid and necessarily suitable for congresses etc - because of the small games sample



At 18 Jan: Updated tonight to “B&DCL League”, then “B&DCL Season 2018/19” and please look out for “Player Allocations_Season1819_110119”.

The only significance for players with a current L grade and highlighted in blue, is simply to check if any get an A-E grade when ECF announce the new grades at end of Jan ’19. It is expected that most will stay as L grades. But an A-E new grade would be implemented from end Jan for just a few. As last year, an F grade, based on as little as 5 games would be discussed with the club concerned to see if that is a more appropriate and fairer grade than the L grade it might replace.