Here are games submitted by members and they will typically have no, or little analysis

Game 1. Martin Simons (190) v William Adaway (186)

Here are games submitted by members. Games in this section will typically have little, or no analysis.

Played 12 Mar ’15, Dorset League. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.  This game came just 39 days after the same 2 players met, same colours, same opening in the Dorset Closed – and drew! In this game Martin played 6. fxe4, instead of 6. g4 in the earlier one. In Alan Dommett’s Game Analysis, Alan critiques the first game, which was sharp edged until an early draw – sufficient for Martin to become Dorset County Champion. This encounter is an excellent example of sound end game technique.

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Game 2. Richard Ursell (138) vs Martin Buckley (162)

Played 20 Jan ’16, Southampton League. Smith-Morra Gambit. White’s kingside pressure eventually leads to mate against a much higher graded opponent

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Game 3. S.C.Pride(146) vs Steve Pollyn(154)

Last round game in the British Championships and a win by Steve Pollyn. Equal after the opening, but Steve played decisively in the middle game

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