While Coronavirus was preventing face-to-face chess a number of local online tournaments for local players were intiaited.  Some of these have continued and details of them are given below.

Wimborne U125 Tournaments

Wimborne are running tournaments that are open to local players graded under 125 old money, on Tuesdays from 2 pm to 5 pm, played at the slower rate of 20 minutes and 10 seconds increment

Please see the instructions on how to join in or email Phil Holden


Wessex On-line Tournaments

These tournaments are played at 7:30 pm once a week but not on a set day. The format is 5 round Swiss played at 5 min + 5 sec. To play you will need to be a lichess member and join the Wessex Some Stars team, where you will be able to see details of the forthcoming tournament.