Thursday puzzle / game

Today we have another game from Allan Pleasants from his successful 2017 Welsh Championship campaign. An interesting game with a very pretty finish! Click here to see the game with Allan’s splendid annotations.

First West of England Online Counties Match Sunday 10th Jan – Watch the games live this evening!

The combined Dorset and Wilts team which is being captained by Ian Clark will play its first match this coming Sunday at 7:00pm against Gloucester.   The parings for this match are shown at the end of this article. The match will be conducted on Lichess and it will be possible to follow the games.  You […]

Wimborne U125 Tournaments Tuesdays 2 pm

Wimborne have been running online tournaments on Tuesday afternoons for a while and would like to notify everyone that these are open to players from other local clubs. The details are: Held on lichess for players graded under 125 old money Tuesday 2 pm – 5 pm Time limit: 20 minutes + 10 seconds increment. […]

Thursday puzzle / game

White to play and win This may look like a composed position but is from Shabalov-Krush 2004. Only one move wins for White here. Can you find it? Solution

Monday puzzle / game

Mate in 2 An easy but elegant one with which to start the new year. Solution

Thursday puzzle / game

White to play and win quickly The solution to the last puzzle before Christmas is both simple and at the same time a little hard to spot. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t find it! White has a number of ways of winning but one is much more convincing that the rest, forcing a quick […]