Poole and Wessex in the OTB 4NCL – Last weekend’s excellent results

4ncl competition

Overall there was a great set of results from local teams in Division 4 of the 4NCL,  with 3 wins and one draw in the 4 matches played by Poole Patzers and Wessex Some Stars A. Wessex Some Stars B also could have won their two matches but only had 4 players in each match instead of 6 and suffered penalties.

Round 5

Average Wood Pushers (2094) 3 – 3 Poole Patzers (1942) – An outstanding result against much higher rated opposition with an excellent win for Martin Clancy and draws for Mike Waddington, Martin Machacek, John Weatherlake & Dragi Popovic. Dragi’s opponent was more than 300 rating points higher than him so an exceptional personal result for him.

Iceni 3 (1469) 0 – 6 Wessex Some Stars A (2021) – Against much lower rated opposition there was a clean sweep of wins for Oliver Gill, Jamie Wilson, Rolandas Lukosius, Christian Westrap, Allan Pleasants & Keith Gregory.

Watford B (1225) 2½ – 2 Wessex Some Stars B (1717) – Unfortunately, Wessex Some Stars B could only raise 4 players yet they scored 3 wins (Roger Marsh, Matthew Deacon & Nicholas Deacon) and one draw (David Deacon) between them. However, due to a 1½ point penalty as well as the 2 default losses, the team lost the match.

For the detailed results for round 5 please see here

Round 6

Poole Patzers (1942) 4½ – 1½ The Full Ponty (1863) – Another excellent result with wins for Mike Waddington, Martin Machacek & Dragi Popovic and with draws for John Weatherlake, David Fuller & Martin Clancy.

Wessex Some Stars A (2021) 5½ – ½ Ashfield 2 (1608) – Almost another clean sweep with wins for Oliver Gill, Jamie Wilson, Rolandas Lukosius, Christian Westrap & Allan Pleasants and a draw for Keith Gregory.

Cambridge University Y2 (965) 3 – 1½ Wessex Some Stars B (1717) – Similar to round 5, the 4 Wessex Some Stars B team players were undefeated with wins for David Deacon & Nicholas Deacon and draws for Roger Marsh & Matthew Deacon. Unfortunately, once again, a 1½ point penalty in addition to the 2 default losses meant the team lost the match.

For the detailed results for round 6 please see here

Standings and Upcoming Rounds

After 6 rounds of matches, Poole Patzers are 2nd and Wessex Some Stars A are 5th (having defaulted the first 2 rounds!) in the group of 35 teams.

Wessex Some Stars B only joined the league last weekend and are in 35th position having been heavily penalised for only fielding 4 players.

The full league table can be found here

There are 2 weekends and 5 matches to go so there is a good chance there will be a big showdown between our two local teams!

These are enjoyable social weekends spent in a nice hotel.  If you would  like to play for Wessex Some Stars at the next 4NCL weekend in Daventry over the weekend of 25th/26th March 2023, please contact us and we will forward your details to the Wessex captain, Annie Adaway.

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