The 1st Dorset Online Rapidplay Chess Championship

Sunday 14th March 2021 – 9:30 a.m. start on Lichess

7 round Dutch Swiss – 10 mins + 5 sec increments

Guaranteed minimum of £200 Prizes! Free Entry

1st Prize: £30    2nd Prize: £20     3rd Prize:£10

5 Grading Prizes of £20 each (to be determined by the Controller)

Best Veteran (over 65 on 01/09/20) – £20

Best Junior (under 18 on 31/08/20) – £20

July 2020 Standard ECF grades will be used for grading prizes.  The results will not affect your ECF grade.

The prizes are kindly being funded by the Dorset County Chess Association.

Entry will be restricted to players who have, in the past, either played in:

  • B&DCL, DCCA or Bacchus leagues
  • Dorset Rapidplay
  • Dorset Junior Championship
  • or belong to a recognised Dorset junior chess club (including Dorset Juniors, Castlepoint Library, Bournemouth Library, Ringwood Library and Wimborne Library junior clubs)

The number of entries will be limited, so please enter early to avoid disappointment.

How to Enter

Step 1: If you are not already a Lichess member, set up your free Lichess account …

Step 2: Except for juniors, put your real name on your Lichess account…

Step 3: Join the ‘Dorset Rapidplay Events’ team on Lichess filling in your real name and club and stating if you are a veteran or junior
Please complete this step by 12th March at the latest.  Entries after this point will not be accepted.

This group is administered by Martin Simons (Controller) and Martin Clancy. Our Lichess usernames are ‘Non-Gambiteer’ & ‘Wingwood’ and one of us will add you to the group. We reserve the right to refuse or rescind entry without explanation. If you are unknown to us we will need to confirm your identity to ensure that you are eligible to join the group. We will also confirm your ECF July 2020 standard ECF grade (for grading prizes) and may ask if you are a junior (under 18) or a veteran (over 65).

Step 4: Join the ‘Dorset Rapidplay 2021’ Event…

Step 5: Please do “turn up” on Sunday 14th March before 9:30 a.m. (or withdraw) by logging in and going to


Round 1:  9:30 a.m. sharp on Sunday 14th March.

Please note that if you are late logging on and going to tournament page you will not be paired for the first round.

Thereafter rounds will commence 2 minutes after the last game has finished in the previous round.

Each round should start roughly 30 to 35 mins after the start of the previous round, though may start sooner.  Please be ready!

The event should finish no later than 1.30pm.

Previous Years

In past years there have been face-to-face Dorset Rapidplay events.   Reports on the previous three years can be found here

2020 Dorset Rapidplay

2019 Dorset Rapidplay

2018 Dorset Rapidplay

Entrants as of 27/2/2021

NameJuly 20 Grade
Allan Pleasants188
Christian Westrap186
Peter Anderson180
Keith Gregory176
Eddie Barker173
David Fuller161
Martin Clancy156
Jon Catchpole155
Richard Ursell145
Nicholas Stout143
Peter Manning137
John Belinger132
Jamie Doyle129
Rob Davenport128
Jack Baskett120
Barry Jolly111
Charles Charalambous107
George Holden105
Larissa Cuthbert103
Florence Spirling100
Harry Mercer100
Max Teverson100
Andy Baskett68
Dan Ursell40


If you have a question about the tournament then you can submit it to the tournament organiser, Martin Simons, using the form below.

Please note that you cannot enter the tournament using this form.   Please follow the 5 steps above to enter.