Entrant Club Grade
Gabor Horvath Unattached 210
Kevin Goater Dorchester 192
Ian Clark Wimborne 187
Oscar Garcia Poole 185
Allan Pleasants Weymouth 184
Steve Peirson Purbeck 182
Keith Gregory Fareham 180
Kenny Harman Ringwood 180
Ian Deswarte Guildford 170
Martin Clancy Ringwood 168
Reenen Du Toit New Milton 167
Paul Kemp Southbourne 163
Peter Wilcock Wimborne 159
Joseph Coburn Fareham 151
Colin Grant Purbeck 150
Steve Pollyn Wimborne 150
Richard Ursell Highcliffe 150
David Graham Basingstoke 149
Andy Heard Beckenham 146
Peter Manning New Milton 145
Jorgen H Nielsen Wimborne 144
Greg Willett Crewe 141
Gillian Moore Southampton 135
Pete Donaldson Ringwood 134
Paul Jackson Bournemouth 134
Colin Wilson Wimborne 132
Dave Agostinelli Southampton 132
Philip Ware Basingstoke 132
Malcolm Day Ringwood 129
Robert Halse Highcliffe 128
Fridolin Maier Highcliffe 125E
Rob Davenport Ringwood 123
Natashane McCook Salisbury 123
Paul Errington Bournemouth 123
Keith Spooner Purbeck 122
Dave Dixon Purbeck 121
Jim Barnett Salisbury 115
John Davis Southampton 114
Darrell Sturmey Ringwood 112
Ron Salinger Highcliffe 110
Martyn Maber Taunton 110
Chris Kenward Salisbury 103
Tony Roberts Southampton 103
Mike Davidson Wimborne 101
Christine Roberts Poole 94
Andre Hopkins Salisbury 88
Mike Tew Highcliffe 86
Tom Trach Highcliffe 85
Mark Barrett Salisbury 76
Mike Thomas Ringwood 64

50 entered at 4 Feb ‘17. As the limit has been reached, we have now created a reserve list and much regret we may need to disappoint. Sincere thanks for marvellous support for this event!

1 Jan ’17 grades have been reflected in the above table

Many thanks to the following who have generously donated to Congress funds: –

John Davis

Tony Roberts

Dave Agostinelli

Mike Tew

Andy Heard

Jim Barnett

Keith Gregory

Ian Clark

Philip Ware

David Graham

Colin Wilson

Steve Peirson

Peter Wilcock

Malcolm Day

Joseph Coburn

Jorgen H Nielsen

Chris Kenward

Christine Roberts

Malcolm Day

Peter Manning

Martyn Maber

Mark Barrett

Greg Willett

Gillian Moore