New entrants shown in bold To try & ensure good playing conditions, we work on an entry maximum of 64
Tony Roberts (Southampton) has unfortunately needed to withdraw for medical reasons and we all wish him well L against grade means “Local”, that is estimated grade. j = junior, v = Veterans Cup, l = Best Lady
Dorset Rapidplay Entrants 2018 Grades below reflect ECF changes 1.1.18
Name Club/Location Grade
Goater, Kevin Dorchester 197
Waddington, Mike Dorchester 196
García, Óscar Poole 194
Anderson, Peter Ringwood 194
Weatherlake, John Poole 191
Grattage, Mathew Isle of Wight 190
Pleasants, Allan Weymouth 187
Clark, Ian Wimborne 186
Duggan, Michael Poole 184
Gregory, Keith 4NCL Wessex 180
Peirson, Steve Purbeck 178
Littleton, Mark Wimborne 176
Harman, Kenny (v) Ringwood 175
Jenks, Bruce Southbourne 172
May, Julian Bridport 170L
Sawicki, Grzegorz Southbourne 170
Du Toit, Reenen New Milton 167
Forster, James (j) Southbourne 167
Matko, Thomas Bath 167
Deswarte, Ian Guildord 166
Kemp, Paul Southbourne 163
Clancy, Martin Ringwood 161
Matko, Andy Wimborne 159L
Popovic, Dragi Poole 156
Heard, Andy Beckenham 155
Catchpole, Jon Southbourne 154
Wilcock, Peter Wimborne 154
Donaldson, Pete Ringwood 146
Jackson, Paul Bournemouth 146
Moore, Gillian (l) (v) Southampton 145
Ursell, Richard Highcliffe 144
Willett, Greg Guildord 141
Wilson, Colin Wimborne 140
Manning, Peter New Milton 134
Jolly, Barry New Milton 134
Agostinelli, Dave Southampton 131
Tyler, Alan (v) Wimborne 130
Halse, Rob Highcliffe 130
Sheenan, Carl Isle of Wight 130
Harihar, Girish Bournemouth 126
Smith, Richard Poole 125
Barnett, Jim (v) Salisbury 124
Errington, Paul (v) Bournemouth 124
Ursell, Adam (j) Highcliffe 123
Spooner, Keith (v) Purbeck 121
McCook, Natashane Salisbury 120
Pope, Michael (v) Salisbury 118
Maber, Martyn Taunton 117
Day, Malcolm (v) Ringwood 113
Davis, John (v) Southampton 113
Brusati, Greta (j) (l) Weymouth 111
Wikramaratna-Clarke Sepp Wimborne 110
Davidson, Mike (v) Wimborne 103
Charalambous, Charles Isle of Wight 101
Kenward, Chris (v) Salisbury 101
Reid, Alan (v) Southbourne 101
Sturmey, Darrell Ringwood 99
Roberts, Christine (l) Poole 95
Huntley, Kevin Salisbury 93
Williams, Dave (v) Isle of Wight 91
McCullagh, Tim Poole 91
Stevens, Paul Isle of Wight 86
Tew, Mike (v) Highcliffe 82
Grattage, Mike (v) Isle of Wight 82
Barrett, Mark Salisbury 71
Hopkins, Andre Salisbury 66
Total 66
Sincere thanks for donations from the following entrants towards Congress Expenses
Mike Tew
Peter Anderson
Mark Littleton
Michael Pope
Keith Gregory
Reenen du Toit
Martin Clancy
Ian Deswarte
Colin Wilson
Peter Wilcock
Andy Heard
Steve Peirson
Kevin Huntley
Barry Jolly
Greg Willett
Keith Spooner
Mike Davidson
Mark Barrett
Peter Manning
Richard Smith
Christine Roberts
Julian May
Jim Barnett
Martyn Maber
Jim Davis
Gillian Moore
Dave Agostinelli
Tony Roberts