Southbourne Christmas Handicap had an excellent 29 entries and 45 prizes! Fun evening. Bruce catches Grzegorz. Great end to 2017!

Christmas Southbourne Rapidplay

The 2017 Southbourne Christmas Quickplay Handicap Chess Tournament had its best turnout for over 10 years with 29 entries.  Grzegorz Sawicki was the sole leader from an early stage and the one to chase.  After establishing a one point lead he was eventually caught by Bruce Jenks in the last round after Bruce managed to beat him so the two Southbourne players deservedly came equal first.  It was a very successful evening with a good two thirds representation from other clubs and with 45 prizes there were more wrapped up gifts than players!  Bucks fizz and mince pies were enjoyed by all and, as with past Christmas tournaments, everyone went home with a gift.  A great end to 2017. (Martin Simons)

(on behalf of all who took part, sincere thanks to Southbourne Chess Club for both running this event again and their generosity)

Result details

Southbourne Christmas Handicap Chess Tournament
Friday, 22nd December 2017
Pos Pts Name Grade
1st 6 G Sawicki 165
B Jenks 174
3rd S Pollyn 144
4th 5 S Forster 40
R Smith 109
M Duggan 184
7th J Derrington 40
R Ursell 147
9th 4 C Best 90
A Ursell 122
J Bowley 127
J Forster 169
13th A Martini 40
D Sturmey 103
D Arorash 113
M Squires 120
J Harris 120
R Davenport 128
19th 3 C Lane 104
F Hamilton-Taylor 116
B Jolly 132
P Austin 134
23rd T McCullagh 91
I Clark 183
25th 2 G Sadler 40
B Curran 158
M Clancy 164
28th H Jatzmolkiewics 127
I Willis 144


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