Southbourne Handicap Fri 21 Dec ’18: Tuckton – John Harris extends invitation

Southbourne Handicap Fri 21 Dec ’18: Tuckton – John Harris extends invitation

6 Dec ’18: John Harris has asked this to be displayed on the website and includes a generous invitation for local players to join in


Friday 21st December 2018 … 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start at Tuckton Social Club.
It’s time for this ever popular annual celebration including food and chess played to the accompaniment of Christmas music and where there are always more prizes than players!
This fun ‘time-handicap’ tournament is open to all local players.  We warmly welcome all visitors, regardless of strength.
It is planned for the tournament to be in a 7 round ’20 minutes per game’ Swiss format but to help lower graded players, each player’s time on their own clock will be determined by the grading differential between the players (e.g. 15 to 5 minutes).  Indeed, where there is more than a 100 grading point differential, the higher graded player will only have 1½ minutes to the lower graded player’s 18½ minutes, so not so easy!
The entry fee is only £2 which is great value as it includes bucks fizz, tea, coffee, mince pies and a guaranteed Christmas present and the better you perform the more presents you might win!
​You are more than welcome to bring along a wrapped up gift to add to the sack of presents or even an unwanted chess book / DVD which will form part of the 50p to £3 book and DVD sale during the break.
We really hope to see you there.  It is always a fantastic, enjoyable, fun evening to help us celebrate the festive season!

Example of past rules and Grading differences 

Southrbourne Chess Fun Evening