Organiser Ian Clark reflects on a very successful 53rd Dorset Congress

Dorset Chess Open Bournemouth 13 Oct '18


The event had 100 entries and was situated in 3 rooms in the Elstead Hotel, close to the centre of Bournemouth. We had a larger room than expected in what was previously the bookstall and analysis room. The main room housed the Open and Minor and was quite warm early on! But thankfully improved on Sunday. The hotel and its staff were very welcoming and those staying at the hotel were appreciative of the service.

Dorset Chess Open Elstead Hotel Oct '18The chess was hard fought and all tournaments went down to the last round. In the Open, the lead changed hands a number of times with 3 players leading going into last round. Bruce Jenks (Southbourne) club, who could possibly have won his first 4 games, was one of leaders on 3 after round 4, but he lost out to Tim Spanton in the final round. The other 2 leaders played each other and Patrick Duncan beat Michael Duggan (Poole) to win the tournament.

The Major was won by Paul Chantrell through winning his first 4 games and drawing the final game. Second was Len Laker (Southbourne) who came through after winning his last 3 games. In 3rd place was top seed George Georgiou together with T. F. Woodward and Jessica Mellor. Jessica is 10 years old and won gold at the recent European Schools Championship. She played a great fighting final round in this Congress in Bournemouth, being last to finish.

The Intermediate was won by a delighted Dave Agostinelli on 4.5/5. In 2nd place was Barry Sandercock and 3rd place was shared by 4 players.

The Minor was a very interesting tournament. The top seed Graham Hillman (Wimborne) was in charge from the start and reeled off 4 straight wins looking invincible, but in the last round drew with Douglas Bramley who came in 3rd. The most exciting and unusual chess was played by 18 year old Thomas Trach, formerly of Highcliffe School, who won 4 games and somehow drew a game, with a stalemate, when rook and a few pawns down. Great to see a junior coming through and ending up in equal first place with Graham.

There was also proof that age has no bounds in chess with 88-year-old David Lane beating his older opponent, 90-year-old James Wallman, in round 4. In the final round, even more extraordinary was James playing 10-year-old Larissa Cuthbert and I think the 80-year age difference was some sort of record!

Thanks to Martin Simons for his excellent Controlling work for 2 of the 4 sections over the weekend and to local clubs for supplying all clocks and chess equipment. Also, much appreciated was the work of several volunteers helping to set everything up and then clearing away.

Ian Clark (Organiser and Joint Controller)

Monday 15 Oct ‘18

53rd Dorset Chess Congress 2018
12th to 14th October 2018
First P. Duncan                    4.0
Second P. Anderson                    3.5
T. Spanton                    3.5
Grading (Under 170) W. Adaway                    3.0
First P. Chantrell                    4.5
Second L. Laker                    4.0
Third G. Georgiou                    3.5
T.F. Woodward                    3.5
Grading (Under 145 and = 3rd) J Mellor                    3.5
First D. Agostinelli                    4.5
Second B. Sandercock                    4.0
Third P. Land                    3.5
Grading ( Under 126 and = 3rd ) I. Blencowe                    3.5
T. Crouch                    3.5
D. Hadley                    3.5
First G. Hillman                    4.5
T. Trach                    4.5
Third D. Bramley                    4.0
Grading ( Under 100 ) P. Carrick                    3.0
G. Webb                    3.0
Grading ( Under 90 ) K. Huntley                    3.0
Grading ( Under 83 ) H. Aubin-Parvu                    3.0

Finally, here are the wallcharts for the 4 sections with progressive scores

The Open

Dorset Open 141018



The Open was won by P. Duncan with 4/5 and in joint 2nd were T. Spanton and Peter Anderson with 3.5/5

(please click on image to enlarge)







The Major

Dorset Chess Major 141018



P. Chantrell was the outright winner with 4.5/5, Len Laker was 2nd with 4/5 and in joint 3rd scoring 3.5/5 were J. Mellor, G. Georgiou & T. F. Woodward

(please click on image to enlarge)







The Intermediate

Dorset Chess Intermediate 141018


1st place with 4.5/5 was D. Agostinelli, 2nd P. Sandercock with 4/5 and a 4 way tie for 3rd on 3.5/5: P. Land, I. Blencowe, D. Hadley & T. Crouch

(please click on image to enlarge)







The Minor

Dorset Chess Minor 141018



Graham Hillman and Thomas Trach shared 1st place with 4.5/5; D. Bramley in 3rd place with 4/5

(please click on image to enlarge)






Some photos were taken on the Saturday morning and can be seen through this link:


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