Wessex Some Stars, 4NCL Round 3 Results and Game

4ncl Chess Tournaments

Before coming to last night’s results, an update on the results from the previous round. Harrow 3 who so surprisingly beat Wessex Some Stars B have withdrawn from the competition and Wessex were therefore awarded a 4-0 win against them.

Turning to Round 3, the B and C teams both had significant strength advantages over their opponents and duly converted. Having given John Weatherlake’s unfortunate loss from round 2 in the last write up, I thought it fair to give his win from this match. Click here to see the game.

The A team once again had a very tough time as they were up against a team with a GM, an IM and an FM but only narrowly lost the match.

The D team was stronger than their opponents on paper but lost, having had some promising positions along the way.   The E team’s match could have gone any way and in this round fortune favoured their opponents.

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